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Monday, November 7, 2011

WAGW Mag and Eve

If you have read my previous post about meeting the pretty Kryz Uy here, I mentioned that she and her sister was kind enough to introduce me WAGW's first magazine. They personally handed such to me and much more this is free! You can actually grab a copy of this one in any WAGW's outlet nationwide.

WAGW Magazine Cover

There are many things to look forward in this magazine. For one, this contains their Primal Rock Therapy collection and their newest collection All About Eve. Even more they also feature the winner of the iHeart WAGW Contest of which I am so proud to say won by a Kagay-anon Dydoi Monasterio

Her winning entry!

Here are some random snapshots of what's inside WAGW's Magazine:

WAGW Frequent Shoppers Card

You can also get this WAGW Frequent Shoppers Card in their counter. You can accumulate the purchases that you have and when you reach this certain amount you will have a gift from WAGW.

What I am excited about this magazine is that they have a sneak preview of their new collection which is All About Eve. I am glad to say that they already released such in their Multiply site here. I can't wait to check these pieces out in their WAGW Limketkai Branch which I do hope it will arrive soon. 

Here are some of my picks:

So ladies, if you can't seem to wait for this collection, you can opt to order these pieces and more online. Do not forget to ask as well for their magazine. WAGW surely knows What a Girl Wants!


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