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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


When we talk about Halloween, we not only think of our deceased loved ones and also vacation. Oftentimes, this also equates to parties that require one to dress up. And with such befitting activity, last Saturday's Missy Bon Bon Trivia Night caters to such an occasion.

Team Kili Elites was pump to dress up (should I say cosplay) for the event. It was noted that the best costume would be given great prizes by Missy Bon Bon. Since we want to win such and apart from that dress up for fun, we opted to do it!

The most epic costume of no other than Spiderman - Anton

Yuki of Vampire Knight Season 2 - Shor

Aburame Shino of Naruto - Kuya Jones

Lady Pirate - Ate Amor

Hatake Kakashi - The Boyfriend Justin

Ange Ushiromiya - Me

Aside from the costume fun, we also ended up getting the first place for Saturday's Trivia Night. We are not much in luck with the Sanuk's sponsor category but amazingly we got the 3rd place. Thanks to Norway. Hold and behold we also landed as this month's monthly winner. Second month in a row. Good job Kili Elites~

Our yummy monthly prize Gelato cake baby~

Sanuk 2GB USB

Sanuk Cash Vouchers

The boyfriend won Best Halloween Costume with Kuya Jones! Yey for 500 worth of MBB goodies

Team Picture

Bread examination part 1

Bread examination part 2

The boyfriend and I

The cosplayer and I

Last Saturday was fun! We not only bag great prizes and goodies but being with your friends and talking just about anything trivia night or not top all things. Till next Saturday Kili Elites~

P.S. Ate Mai we miss you~


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