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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


A new accessories shop is circulating like wildfire in the realm of the cyberspace. Hence, if you think you cannot get enough of such items, allow me to present a new favorite store by the name of AccessorEIAs.

Owned by Kezia Faith Sindo, AccessorEIAs is one shop that provides fabulous, elegant yet practical fashion accessories allowing yourself to express your vibrant, playful and inspiring personality. Apart from that, you can certainly spice up your wardrobe with their overflowing and unique collection. I am pretty sure there are always room for great accessories, right pretties? And what better way to add such collection but by checking out AccessorEIAs today.

Here are some pieces you might be interested in because for sure I am.

Their collection is just huge and likewise pretty that I want to take it all home. Apart from that the price is just so worth it. Prices range from 100 to 500. You would certainly want to buy all of their items without hesitation and regrets.

And good news pretties! AccessorEIAs is Etallasa's new blog partner. Guess what? They sent a few of their great accessories for me to share. Check out these wonderful items.

Each items include this :) 

Pretty necklace

Catchy ring

Pretty bracelet

Oh~ earrings

Peacock necklace

Everything \o/

You can definitely see from the pictures alone that indeed they are living to their name of providing fabulous and practical pieces that are vibrant and inspiring. 

Considering that the season of giving is drawing near, Etallasa is glad to pair up with AccessorEIAs in providing my great readers all of these accessories that you see in the last picture. That's a total of FOUR accessories all in all.

Hence if you want to be updated on how to win these items, better like AccessorEIAs and Etallasa on Facebook for updates. You surely would not want to miss this.

My Starbucks giveaway is done. Congratulations to Tanya and Sheila for winning. There are still two ongoing giveaways in which you can win a 

Stay tuned for my Wear Mauve giveaway and AccessorEIAs giveaway on December.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I am a sucker for accessories. And I have always been on the hunt for great online stores that can be able to provide me with just about anything. And good thing Mauve came to my rescue.

Mauve's tag line is "Make a statement. Wear Mauve". True to that line, indeed they are able to aid ladies to truly be different hence making an appeal in every accessory that they deliver. They have quirky accessories from necklaces, to bracelets, to rings and clutches. It is like your one stop store for items that are unique and all the more affordable pieces that would surely fit your budget.

Here are some items that perhaps you might want to collect and include in your ensemble that Mauve can provide.

You can never go wrong with these pieces I tell you. No wonder such items and brand are commonly worn by the popular fashion bloggers in the country such as Camille Co, Kryz Uy, Laureen Uy, Patricia Prieto and more. Having one Mauve accessory can truly boost your current ensemble indeed making a statement. Their stocks run out so fast hence you need to order fast. Apart from that since their items are unique, they commonly released one per item.

Mauve is Etallasa's newest blog partner. And look what they sent over.

Two braided bracelets that I gave to my boyfriend and keep one for myself. 

One epic necklace, a bracelet and one connector ring.

Unfortunately, the last items are not mine. As much as I want to keep those things, these are for my dear readers. Yes they are up for giveaway! Stay tuned on how you can win not one but all of these three from my blog partner Mauve

By the way you can check out Mauve via their Facebook or Multiply site. I know you would want to view their collection, hence better click now.

Do not forget to join my ongoing giveaways such as RKKR's Pink Christmas Giveaway and 

Monday, November 28, 2011

CDO Events

There are many city events every Kagay-anon should look forward to this week. Hence if you have time it would be best to drop by. Here are some:

Looking for great finds at affordable prices? Finding some great items perfect as Christmas gifts or giveaways? In that case do not miss out this Season's Bazaar at Limketkai and Xavier Estates respectively. I am pretty sure with their wide array of choices, you would be able to get one for yourself or perhaps for your family and friends. Hence, do not miss out this one on the dates stated above.

Xavier University is yet to open their doors for this year's Xavier Days. This grandiose event will span starting November 29 at 4:00 pm until Saturday December 3. There are many events lined up for students and guests such as the famous Fireworks display, Lantern Festivities, varying booths, plays, displays and more. Hence drag your friends along and see the sights XU has to offer.

Craving for sweets? Just can't resist cakes and related pastries? In that case go to Thai Me Up on Saturday for their Dessert All You Can. This is in collaboration with Monster Kitchen. For only 250.00 you could be able to experience the delicious sweets and even more with their overflowing treats. I am sure you would not dare to miss this out.

Want to know how to create bead jewelry? Perhaps do you want to start your own business with this niche? Then do not be left out with this great seminar. This will be on December 3 Saturday as well. It would be best that you reserve a slot as early as today since there are only 3 slots left. Contact them as soon as possible.

Holiday Giveaway 2: RRKR Stuff with Etallasa

Accessories can definitely make or break your outfit. As such it is wise for every ladies out there to invest on good ones. And guess what, I am about to disclose one great accessory haven that you could opt to order. This is no less than RRKR Stuff.

What makes RRKR Stuff unique is their wide array of connector rings. Such rings are indeed convenient since it can fill two to three fingers. Much more these are crazy noticeable. Having one screams uniqueness, individuality and personality. You can never go wrong with their great rings. Here are some of my personal choices.

Can you imagine wearing these rings along with your ensemble? These are truly eye catching and even more pretty to look at. Hence, should you want to search for great accessories that you can include in your outfit especially that you are bound to attend parties in this yuletide season, it would be best to check out RRKR Stuff today!

Good news ladies, RRKR Stuff is partnering with Etallasa to bring you my second Holiday Giveaway. We tag this as Pink Christmas Giveaway. Excited much? Well hold your horses as I present to you our simple mechanics.

1. First Like our Page Rkkr Stuff: Love for Connector Rings (
2. Then Like Etallasa's Page (
3. Follow Etallasa in Goolge Friend Connect (found at Etallasa's page at the right side
4. And simply Write a Post on your Facebook wall with the following format (Why I should win the Pink Christmas Giveaway by @RKKR STUFF and @Etallasa) about why you should win this giveaway.

This holiday giveaway is open to any individuals residing in the Philippines. We could not care less if you are situated in Aparri or anywhere else.

This giveaway is until December 13, 2011 and will be drawn via

So what is up for grabs? RRKR Stuff and Etallasa is giving away FIVE great accessories.

Two earrings and Three rings.

These are perfect additions for your parties and gatherings. I am pretty sure you could never go wrong with these. Hence, what are you waiting for join this wonderful giveaway today.

My Starbucks Giveaway is already done. Will be announcing the winners tomorrow November 29 so stay tuned. However our Holiday Giveaway 1: Jules Store with Etallasa is still up so do not forget to join.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

About The Bag

I never go to CDO's Accesorize Store
In spite of accessories and goodies galore
I am always hesitant to come in and see
The various treats that are up for me.

However this time I brave the sea
And enter their store and guess what I see
Bags that are mark at off 50 percent
And this is something I can't just resent.

With that in mind I browse the bags
From clutches to slings and those in tags
Checked each one and drooling on the others
God why is this Store above no other.

Finally laid my eyes on Ladylike Turnlock
And guess what, my eyes turned airlock
It's more like love at first sight
However with a bag I can get to my delight.

Look at its exterior and its feel
I know this is one great bag to my appeal
Much more it is spacious and great inside
What more can I ask for a bag I collide.

I need not hesitate for this kind of bag
Considering that its price is down hence I snag
Even more this is the last of its kind
What more can I do with this treasure I find.

Should you want a great bag at one great prize
Then by all means go and visit Accessorize
They have great bags that you can pick
What more 50% off do you need to think?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Great Buys

Kill me for being a shopper but hey every girl is one. And I would not deprived myself from such given that I have the right resources and of course if I really like the items. So why not?

My newest addiction, online shopping. I truly love the kind of convenience this brings most especially if you do not have the time to physically shop on a store. Aside from that, online shopping provides great varieties. We cannot deny that there are some items that cannot be found here in Cagayan de Oro and the most that a girl could do would be to order this from somewhere.

Allow me to share some of my great buys from trusted stores around the Internet.

I just love tassel necklaces. Ever since I laid eyes on them, I was literally dreaming wearing it. With such premonition, I opted to order two from one trusted shop in Iloilo, the FashionTrends Collection. Each package comes with a little note about their shop hence if you would like to order more then you can just resort to the note they gave you. Apart from that the tassel necklace is of great quality and even more great to look at. This can definitely accentuate your outfit regardless of how simple it would be. FashionTrends Collection carry a wide array of accessories such as rings, bracelets, tassel earrings, headpiece and more. Hence if you are looking for one great accessory shop online FashionTrends Collection is definitely one.

Ok, I did not bought the girl however I bought the kimono that she wore. MagNi FiQue is one great online store I bumped into simply because I have been wanting to get my very own kimono cover up. Such is perfect for any outfit in case you would like to be a little conservative or should the weather be cold. Hence this is just ideal for today's holiday weather. The owner behind MagNi FiQue is kind enough to accommodate every inquiries of mine. Look at the little note she send too along with my package. I am a sucker for handwritten letters. It makes it all the more personal. MagNi FiQue launched their Casual Chic Collection months ago. And good news ladies, some of the items from their first collection are on sale. You may want to look at these.

These pieces are gorgeous right? Hence, you may want to check MagNi FiQue today before such stocks would run out.

I feel that a corset is one staple item in any ladies closet. It has many uses in the first place such as contouring one's body to make it look sexier. Apart from that corsets are now made as fashion tops paired with a great skirt and even jeans. With such demand, I have been looking for great corsets that would be perfectly affordable and even one that suits my physique. Thank God for FreeVerse Here. Their corsets are just lovely and even more sturdy. In addition, what I am grateful about is that I need not spend thousands on this. FreeVerse Here definitely provides an item of great quality at very affordable price.The said shop also offers clothes and makeup finds.

Anti-Fashion Manila just provides the cutest and even the perfect fashion items any ladies would surely love. From great tops to cute dresses to skirts to trousers, you would definitely find a great array of items here ideal for that fashionable you. Aside from that their items can be used at school and even more parties.  Anti-Fashion Manila also includes a hand written note for every purchase making you say 'aaaaaawww'. 

Hence with the yuletide season coming near, you may want to buy a dress or any great accessories perfect for parties and gatherings. You may want to check these stores out and I am sure you would find one that will suit your taste moreover your budget. In that case what are you waiting for, browse through their collection today! Happy online shopping pretties~

My Starbucks giveaway is just two days away, hence better join as early as today!