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Sunday, November 27, 2011

About The Bag

I never go to CDO's Accesorize Store
In spite of accessories and goodies galore
I am always hesitant to come in and see
The various treats that are up for me.

However this time I brave the sea
And enter their store and guess what I see
Bags that are mark at off 50 percent
And this is something I can't just resent.

With that in mind I browse the bags
From clutches to slings and those in tags
Checked each one and drooling on the others
God why is this Store above no other.

Finally laid my eyes on Ladylike Turnlock
And guess what, my eyes turned airlock
It's more like love at first sight
However with a bag I can get to my delight.

Look at its exterior and its feel
I know this is one great bag to my appeal
Much more it is spacious and great inside
What more can I ask for a bag I collide.

I need not hesitate for this kind of bag
Considering that its price is down hence I snag
Even more this is the last of its kind
What more can I do with this treasure I find.

Should you want a great bag at one great prize
Then by all means go and visit Accessorize
They have great bags that you can pick
What more 50% off do you need to think?


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