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Monday, November 14, 2011


Exactly 8 days ago is my boyfriend and I's 32nd monthsary. It may sound corny for some, however it has been a tradition for us to celebrate this day by being together like what we did here. This day landed on a Sunday and we got the whole afternoon to spend it.

We started by watching Katie Holme's new movie Don't Be Afraid of the Dark. I do not want to give out a review on this one because for one, I do not know how to create an objective movie review and secondly, I did not appreciate much the movie since I am covering my eyes the whole time. (That sounded like review-ish)

Moving on, we decided to go to Missy Bon Bon to have our dinner. After all we got a 500 peso gift certificate for our consumption that my boyfriend won in the store's Halloween costume here. We certainly do not want to put this to waste hence we decided to utilize it. I never knew that 500 in MBB could go a loooonggg way. Here's what we got!

5 pieces of MBB's Cheesy Sponge. This is my boyfriend's ultimate fave. And here's what Sandy Daza has got to say about this:

"When I took my first bite, I started to think I should get some for my loved ones. I took four buns home and ended up making my wife Tessa try it but eating the rest myself. It is that good. The cheesy sponge is something you’ll crave for... " 
(Sandy Daza, PDI 09/08/2011)

Creamy Corn Soup

Spicy Sausage Pasta

Beef Stew

By the way, if you have not visited Missy Bon Bon recently, they have new breakfast additions you might like to get. 

Definitely looking forward to try their steak breakfast and the other two of course. 

More than the food, nothing beats the time spending it with someone you love. All this time, I feel so blessed to have a friend, a companion and a lover beside me. For sure we could turn 32 months into 32 years and even more. 

I love you~


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