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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Brevity of Life

By: JN Tingcoy

Life is too short it ends before we even know it. The struggle really is not how long we have lived but rather on asking ourselves if we really have lived. I am already halfway on the average life expectancy and I have witnessed how people waste their time living as if it is as luxury. They greed for power, money and success without realizing what to do when they have gained all these. So let me ask you, how many of us do we expect to wake up the next morning the moment we sleep at night? Every night is a gamble, and it could be the last. Yet how many of us end our day frustrated, exhausted or simply ending it just like an ordinary day? Wouldn’t it be a waste if that happens to be your last? In that case, have you lived your life? Think it over.

We don’t number our existence by the digits of our pay grade, nor by the height of our mansions, nor the number of servants that would fall on our feet; we quantify life by the number of smiles you place on people’s faces, by the number of spirits you’ve encouraged and the number of footsteps you’ve changed for a better life.

So how do you avoid living up to eighty saying you never really have lived and simply reach twenty-five saying “I have lived life to the fullest”? Here are some points I want to share:

When you reach the climax of success, look down. Sometimes when we are too focused looking up on our goals, we are often too preoccupied to notice the individuals who led us there. Always have a sense of gratefulness; for nothing was (and is) actually yours and it could all go away in an instant. Success has its perks but always comes along with a price. My picture of a successful man is having everything he desires yet has learned how to live without them. To be truly successful, one must learn and be able to let go of all he has gained.

Always remind yourself of what is essential. At the end of the day, constantly ask yourself: “after this, then what?” If your answer, every time you ask yourself, is another desire, want or need, then it is not what is essential. What is essential simply means having it leads to a contented living. Many say life is composed of five balls to juggle: career, family, friends, health and soul. Out of the five, only career is a rubber ball that would bounce back in case it falls off; the rest are glass balls, with no room for error. Most of people say one must be able to juggle these five balls in close to perfection so that one’s life would be at a balance, without risking the glass balls. If you believe it to be true, then let me ask you: Why do you have to juggle in the first place? If you realize what are essential, you wouldn’t risk juggling the glass balls but instead keep them in your pocket – close to you.

Finally, never hesitate to extend a hand; you don’t know what the other is going through. It may be a rough day for you but extending a hand might turn another’s life. Try to keep a habit of sharing a random act of kindness each day. It works better if you’re doing it to a stranger: it may be sharing an umbrella during a rainy day, giving a wonderful smile or simply showing a gesture of gratitude. It does not only create value to the other but also creates a sense of fulfillment from within.

So constantly remind yourself: Life is too short it ends before we even know it. Learn how to live.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Moroccan Argan Oil from Fine Living

Tons of backlogs yet again. However, for my comeback post, let me share to you one great product from my trusted health store Fine Living, and this is their newest addition the Moroccan Argan Oil.

Perhaps you might be wondering by now what's the use of this oil? How is this different from the other commercial oils in the market? I too have questioned such use yet I am enlightened with such great revelations that I cannot wait to share.

Argan Oil is extracted from the nuts of the Argan Tree. What is rare about this one is that the tree only grows in the South Western Region of Morocco. The oil has been tagged as the "Liguid Gold" simply because of its great anti aging properties. How awesome is that! With its natural antioxidants, no wonder this can be considered as one of the safest and the most recommended oil to prevent premature aging.  Plus this is also rich in Vitamin E and more so essential fatty acids.

Here's a rundown of the Argan Oil's key benefits that you should not miss.

• Regulates oily skin
• Used as a nourishing facial treatment and night oil, as a skin protector in cold weather, or as an after-sun soother and moisturizer;
• Helps minimize pores;
• Firms and regenerates your skin;
• Has a strengthening effect for hair and nails;
• It firms the nails and softens the cuticles;
• Great for easing the appearance of stretch marks and scars because it helps maintain skin elasticity;
• Smoothen fly-aways and frizz. Gives shine to the hair without looking greasy.
• In Arthritic and Rheumatic conditions in which joints and tissues of the body are damaged, Argan oil greatly soothes and reduces the pain
• Works against rheumatism;
• Reduces skin irritation and redness because of acne, blemishes, eczema, psoriasis and skin asthma
• Anti wrinkle effect; reduces signs of aging caused by sun and wind, stress or the natural aging process and prevents dehydration, helps to renew cell structure and revitalizes skin for more elasticity,
• It also helps reduce the appearance of crow’s feet (wrinkles under the eyes)
• Helps lighten acne marks;
• One of the most amazing facts about Argan oil is that along with dry skin it is equally good for oily skin. Sebum is an oily substance secreted by sebaceous glands which keeps the skin wet and protects against dryness, but its excess secretion is bad for the skin. Argan oil regulates the secretion of sebum and keeps it to a manageable level.

Hence, if you are having problems with your wrinkles, acne marks or you would want to keep your face looking young, it would be best to order the Moroccan Argan Oil in Fine Living today. What are you waiting for, order one now!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

More Winners

My apologies for my absence, I have been so busy, being a grad student that is. Hence for a great treat for everyone, I shall be announcing a new batch of winners from my uber late giveaways! Here they are...

Paradise Treats anniversary winner who will receive the following pretty skirts is

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Hey Kessy winner who will get these cute washi tapes is

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And lastly,

Teal and Sage winner who will get these is

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To the winners, kindly send me an email at rmocorro [at] gmail [dot] com. Thank you so much for your entries and as promise, I will be holding more giveaways in the future.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Soles For My Soul

Weeks ago, my MBA classmates and I flew to Manila to enjoy a weekend of price comparisons and of course shopping. It was one epic weekend that landed us to 168, Divisoria, Greenhills, Eastwood and ADMU.

I have been saving my money to buy shoes and more. On the last day of our Manila trip, while most of my friends are going to MOA simply because it is quite near the airport, I detoured the other way around and went to Trinoma. For one, I am about to redeem my Geleia winning too which includes a bottle of Purr from Katy Perry Fragrances PH and a 10% off on my purchase. Plus some of my favorite shoe stores are there hence I need not think twice, called a taxi and headed straight to Trinoma.

The story telling and all that has transpired will be shoved away on this post. I am more excited to share to you the new soles I got from this lovely trip. Trust me I never regretted spending a dime on these new babies.

Surely these are the shoe brands I would be coveting back again and hoping to get another pair on April. So as early as now, I am saving again and looking for prospect shoes hoping it would still be made available. 

Shoes shopping can be tiring. However, after getting these babies for sure they are worth the fitting, the time and the money. And for someone like me far from Manila, they are so worth the travel. How about you? Got a new pair to share?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What I learned when I got back to school

By: JN Tingcoy

I could vividly remember tendering my resignation to my general manager informing him my intentions of going back to school (perhaps the lamest excuse I made for resigning). He asked me if I could come back after two years (as I said I would finish it in two years); I merely said I’d think about it when the two years come. From then on, it was a helluva. In fact, I placed a lot on hold, and one of them was the normal out-of-the-country-work-plans. I was a step closer to leaving the country for work, yet again placed it on hold for the mba stint.

So what was in it then when I was willing to put things on hold for that? Well for starters, nothing. It surprised me that if somebody asks me what I learned in mba, I would say technically nothing (some might despise me for this, thic). I could not re-discuss all theories, formulas, processes (damn pert) and others; but I can sure say the intangibles I gained in such experience.

The first realization I had is about leadership. But I would not dwell on the tacky and popular dialogue on leadership. Instead, I realized (and proven) that leadership is a very expensive trait. You don’t get to know your people within your organization, rather in informal gatherings. I learned it during my first year as a student, with schooling in one hand and teaching on the other. I get a lot of mentoring from my seniors because I hang out with some students a lot. Thic. It was a risk of refining the line supposedly drawn. But with that risk, I got to know my students more. I got to learn what background affects their performance, and I got to realize to what extent of pressure I should give. The expensive part is a given.

The second realization I had is about friendship and connections. They say mba provides a venue for great business connections. I tend to disagree. The friendship comes first; the connections only follow – as a bonus. I saw different types of team players during my mba stint. I knew a friend who really was just a stranger but rushed in times of need like a sister. I knew someone who helped me find ways to save on my brother’s post-chemo medicines. More to that, I knew people who were strangers to everybody, but were like brothers willing to help during sendong’s uninvited visit. We all started as strangers, but we will leave like best of friends.

Third is the experience of others. We don’t have to experience what everybody experienced to know, feel and be where they are. Be it case studies, classroom questions or discussion of fears and dreams (yes, we did this in class), we gain a lot of insights from others on how they dealt with situations that call for massive thinking. Sometimes I felt lucky I didn’t experience what they did; but most of the time I listen in awe by the way they handle things.

Time Management is the fourth realization I had. Again, not the common view on time management. Rather, I’d start by what our Business Policy professor, and an ADMU Philosophy professor said respectively: Nobody on his deathbed ever regretted spending less time in the office, rather spending less time at home and Learn how to waste time with the people you love. This is what time management really is for me. It is difficult like the common notion of time management. This challenged me to be able to drop everything at hand, and be with friends or family when needed; or to simply smell the roses.

Most non-business graduates in mba would find financial management very challenging. I see it challenging too, but on a different angle though. The financial management I learned in mba is learning not to be dependent on money. To learn how to let go of the dependence on money makes financial management more challenging. This has made Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey contented with their lives in comparison to the rich who still gets famished for more wealth. It is identifying the point of contentment. As the theme of the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad would stress, it’s not you working for money but rather money working for you.

Finally, the one thing I would never forget and would always remember in my mba experience is drawing lines. The words of a Philosophy professor in ADMU would coin it this way Nasa sa ‘yo ‘yan eh. If you know where the line is drawn, you wouldn’t be afraid to get close. The statement was basically an answer to the question where do you draw the line? So where do we draw lines? As a superior? As a teacher? As a friend? Or… should we keep drawing lines?

You see, the moment I tendered my resignation two years ago, I was imagining stock market, project management, international economics, business ethics controversies and the like. We did take it all up and woe to my memory if it did not retain. But what’s more to that is getting more than I bargained for.

So kudos to my professors who unknowingly shared that much. Kudos to my classmates who came to be good friends. Kudos to my students and officemates who helped me balance the beam. Finally kudos to my family, the reason for all this.

StyleCandy II Winner

Another giveaway has ended and I am so guilty of announcing this one so late. Considering that there are about 200 plus comments and referrals, this is perhaps the most tedious giveaway ever. Nonetheless, I must commend the efforts of these individuals and the number of friends they drag in to like StyleCandy. My endless gratitude.

Just a quick recap as to what the winner shall dig in...

And the lucky lady who garnered 93 invites is no other than, 


Kindly send me an email at rmocorro [at] gmail [dot] com since I cannot send a PM over Facebook.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

In Love With You


you were someone i never expected
to come into my life and had mended
my once unchartered principle of brick
you simply washed it like a clock's tick

now my defenses are gone and down
you showed me that i need not frown
for someone like you would be beside 
setting all my fears and problems aside

with you everyday is like warm paradise
that simply thrilled me like an add on spice
your lips and kisses are just but soft and tender
that no other man or person can truly render

now as a month had passed away and gone
but the intensity of love we have will never begone
as we continue on another day, month or year
i hope to stay in love which would not surely disappear

i know phrasing i love you is a mere understatement
because the feeling i have for you is true and frequent
my heart, my love, my life, my future and my dream
you are now my everything like a seamless unending stream.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fair and Square

It has come to my attention by a concerned reader of mine that some people here tend to create new accounts, fake accounts, aliases and the like to join not only my giveaways but also other giveaways of other bloggers. This is to increase their chances of winning and more so grab the prize or should I say collect the prize. Indeed people won using this kind of dirty tactics.

Getting items from giveaways is indeed one happy thing. I too am a sucker of giveaways myself and being a winner is indeed like a euphoria. I do have my moments of winning and my shares of losing. However, creating multiple accounts so as to increase your chances above all else is a whole new different ball game.

I have seen such kind of people before wherein they entered their information twice and even more in my giveaways that were run in Google Docs. In those cases, I deleted the multiple entries. With Rafflecopter, such chances is now being toned down however the possibility of creating different accounts is not yet address.

We are adults here. If not, we already know what is right and what is wrong. Let us be fair and square with these giveaways by being honest and true. Let lady luck and divine intervention decide on who should be the winner without you trying to manipulate it. Bottom line is, let us be honest and give the others a fair chance too.