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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Etallasa is proud to present another blog partner today. This is no other than one great International brand named ClubCouture.

Established in 2009, ClubCouture is one independent level that covers the fashion likes of the young and the fashionable. Led by their great fashion designer Kaitlyn, the company is focused on emerging contemporary concepts with airy laid back style with feminine palette touches. They not only provide the best ones in the market in terms of styles but they also cater to signature designs that are unique and truly one of a kind. You would absolutely be able to find any items in here from party dresses to corporate wears. And most importantly, each item are made of top quality material and handled very well.

Just a few days, ClubCouture released their new collection which is called ClubCouture Flair. This was designed with a story in mind that in turn reflects current trends that are evidently well received by many.

Notable personalities that wore ClubCouture lines are Miss Singapore Universe Rachel Klum and the beautiful Miss Universe 2011 Leila Lopes. Hence, if you would want to have a touch of their new collection it would be best to sign up today and order right away.

Here are some perks you can enjoy:

  • Free International shipping for orders $150 and above
  • A surprise gift upon email sign up
  • Great on sale items 
  • Enjoy great discounts
With that said, what are you waiting for? Considering that the yuletide season is near, it would be best to dress up. And what better way to do such but by having ClubCouture Flair items.

Here are my choices from their newest drop dead gorgeous collection:

They also have on sale site items that you could enjoy as well alongside with great savings with these truly fashion forward pieces. Hence what are you waiting for, check out ClubCouture today. 


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