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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Great Buys

Kill me for being a shopper but hey every girl is one. And I would not deprived myself from such given that I have the right resources and of course if I really like the items. So why not?

My newest addiction, online shopping. I truly love the kind of convenience this brings most especially if you do not have the time to physically shop on a store. Aside from that, online shopping provides great varieties. We cannot deny that there are some items that cannot be found here in Cagayan de Oro and the most that a girl could do would be to order this from somewhere.

Allow me to share some of my great buys from trusted stores around the Internet.

I just love tassel necklaces. Ever since I laid eyes on them, I was literally dreaming wearing it. With such premonition, I opted to order two from one trusted shop in Iloilo, the FashionTrends Collection. Each package comes with a little note about their shop hence if you would like to order more then you can just resort to the note they gave you. Apart from that the tassel necklace is of great quality and even more great to look at. This can definitely accentuate your outfit regardless of how simple it would be. FashionTrends Collection carry a wide array of accessories such as rings, bracelets, tassel earrings, headpiece and more. Hence if you are looking for one great accessory shop online FashionTrends Collection is definitely one.

Ok, I did not bought the girl however I bought the kimono that she wore. MagNi FiQue is one great online store I bumped into simply because I have been wanting to get my very own kimono cover up. Such is perfect for any outfit in case you would like to be a little conservative or should the weather be cold. Hence this is just ideal for today's holiday weather. The owner behind MagNi FiQue is kind enough to accommodate every inquiries of mine. Look at the little note she send too along with my package. I am a sucker for handwritten letters. It makes it all the more personal. MagNi FiQue launched their Casual Chic Collection months ago. And good news ladies, some of the items from their first collection are on sale. You may want to look at these.

These pieces are gorgeous right? Hence, you may want to check MagNi FiQue today before such stocks would run out.

I feel that a corset is one staple item in any ladies closet. It has many uses in the first place such as contouring one's body to make it look sexier. Apart from that corsets are now made as fashion tops paired with a great skirt and even jeans. With such demand, I have been looking for great corsets that would be perfectly affordable and even one that suits my physique. Thank God for FreeVerse Here. Their corsets are just lovely and even more sturdy. In addition, what I am grateful about is that I need not spend thousands on this. FreeVerse Here definitely provides an item of great quality at very affordable price.The said shop also offers clothes and makeup finds.

Anti-Fashion Manila just provides the cutest and even the perfect fashion items any ladies would surely love. From great tops to cute dresses to skirts to trousers, you would definitely find a great array of items here ideal for that fashionable you. Aside from that their items can be used at school and even more parties.  Anti-Fashion Manila also includes a hand written note for every purchase making you say 'aaaaaawww'. 

Hence with the yuletide season coming near, you may want to buy a dress or any great accessories perfect for parties and gatherings. You may want to check these stores out and I am sure you would find one that will suit your taste moreover your budget. In that case what are you waiting for, browse through their collection today! Happy online shopping pretties~

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