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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Da MadjoSes

Online shopping has brought wonders to our shopping experience. This holds true especially for people who do not have much time to go to the mall and browse through boutiques and the like. Facebook for one holds many local and international stores that both men and ladies can visit and even purchase an item or two. One local online store that I definitely put my trust upon is no less than Da MadjoSes ShopSite.

This is currently run by three pretty sisters who are situated in Misamis Oriental. This is like a on stop shop since they have items ranging from shirts, shoes, bags and the like. Wondering why I love this store so much and you should as well? Here are my top reasons:

From left to right: Rochelle, Roxanne and Grace

1. Price. Simply imagine getting a shirt for 250. Or perhaps landing a skirt for only 300. Mall price this would be over 500. But with Da MadjoSes ShopSite, such values are within your reach. Fashion after all in their great online store need not be expensive. Even more you can strut that pretty ensemble without putting holes in your wallets and your pockets. If you are situated in CDO, they also do meet ups hence you can save for the shipping cost.

2. Quality. It's a common connotation that when a product is priced low, the quality would be compromised. However, with the items of Da MadjoSes ShopSite, this is a big NO NO. In spite of providing you with items that are truly within your budget, they could also provide you with equivalent items that are by far excellent in quality and fabric that will make you say it is worth the price indeed. Trust me you would not regret any items you get from them.

3. Service. Bogus and rude sellers are around the Internet. That is the reason why most people are afraid of doing transactions over the net most especially the concept of buying items from it. However with Da MadjoSes ShopSite, you can surely rest your mind at ease. They are by far one trusted site you can resort into. They immediately reply to your queries especially with their products. And in addition, they are very efficient with their shipping. You can actually get your items in a day or two.

In that case, it would be wise that you check out some of their great items here. I am pretty certain you would want to get an item and even more from them.

You can browse through their wide online catalog via their Facebook account. You can even order from there. Much more contacting them is a breeze since you can also reach them via mobile at 0935-11-400-24. Enjoy shopping at Da MadjoSes ShopSite.


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