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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Neon Fusion

It is always a great way to gather with office mates and friends especially when celebrating a special occasion. Human as we are, we need the love of friends and family around us all the time. They make life simpler and more beautiful in spite of the hardships and bruises life may bring upon us.

When we talk about birthdays, what is always clear to me were the big ones we celebrated when I was a kid. But as I noticed when we grow up, our birthday guests are slowly trimmed down to the people that matters to us most. And I guess that is the essence of it all, celebrating your birthday with people that are important to you. It may not be as lavish as the ones we know when we were children but nonetheless it is more intimate and more personal in approach. Hence, it is always an honor to be invited to someone's birthday.

Here are some snapshots I took while we were inside Thai Me Up/Fill Me Up to celebrate my office-mate's birthday!

The lovely interior

 The food - impeccable 

The surprised birthday boy!

Good thing I was dress up that day so I was able to maximize the place for my outfit shots. Thank you Sheryl for these.

Flower: Look I belong!

Got this lovely dress from Mags. 

My first neon pair. I know I am late with the trend but better late than never. From Primadonna.

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Sunday, July 29, 2012


A new Cagayan de Oro based e-magazine is brewing in town. I must say, I am beyond proud as a fellow Kagay-anon looking at their great and awesome maiden issue output. Cheers to each of the individual involved in here especially to my friends. I am referring to CGY.

"CGY (Collective Group for the Youth) is a homegrown online publication spawned by a group of dedicated young Kagay-anons with the hopes to brandish the beautiful things their city has to offer. It serves as a virtual menagerie for Cagayan de Oro’s budding talents, artists, musicians as well as for all types of creative ventures in business or otherwise. A bi-monthly compilation of the city’s most relevant events and personalities, CGY aims to renew the Kagay-anon’s appreciation for its own brand of art and culture. It is a movement that seeks to breathe life into the city’s rustic charms, a celebration of its people, places and bounty."

Their maiden issue has Ms. Stephanie Sol in the cover. Even more you would be delighted with the content as it features other successful Kagay-anons and rising ones too.

To read the entirety of CGY e-magaine, you can click
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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Giveaway Winner: Sheinside with Etallasa

I am pretty certain you have been waiting for the announcement of the $100 Sheinside coupon winner. My apologies if it took quite long. I have been pretty preoccupied a few days back with life in general.

So let me remind what the lucky winner will be getting!

There you go. I bet with that amount you could be able to shop much. So here's the lucky winner. 

Congratulations kristyn! Already forwarded your account to a Sheinside representative. Do wait for their reply.

Thank you everyone for joining this giveaway. And for the continued support on my blog. Should you not win this time, I still have two ongoing giveaways so you might want to check it out namely my Beauty Kits Giveaway and Rire Boutique Giveaway.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Giveaway: RIRE Boutique with Etallasa

As mentioned before, there would be another giveaway for my international readers. I value your presence that much and I am forever thankful hence here is another giveaway for everyone. Alas wherever you are in the world, you can join in.

This giveaway is sponsored by another online boutique I bet you would love to see. It is RIRE Boutique

Rire was founded May 10, 2012. They hope to share their love for beautiful apparel with the rest of the world. Official grand opening was last June 1st 2012. And believe me when I say that their creation is just awesome. You would not even hesitate to get one for yourself asap.

Here are some items I have been eyeing for the longest.

Rire Boutique is generous enough to extend $20 gift certificate to the lucky winner. However if you cannot wait to get your dibs on these great steals, you can snatch as much as 20% OFF from your order by simply liking them on Facebook and entering this code.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Monday, July 23, 2012

Instagram July 15 - July 21

Another great week, huzzah! So how was it? I am thankful and overwhelmed with the number of entries in my Beauty Kits Giveaway. I can't believe there are already 1000+ entries already. Thank you everyone. You are the best!

So I managed to take only one picture last week. Boo again. But wait, there's a story behind it.

I have been eyeing on having a DAS pair months ago. Ever since I randomly bumped in their Facebook site I really affirmed myself that I would be getting one real soon. And guess what, I just did last week.

DAS provides the best and most unique shoes in the market. No wonder many are keen in getting their pairs because it is both great and lovely. With their tagline "these shoes can kill", I can only nod in agreement. Their ready made shoes of this type only comes in blue, red, purple and pink. Good thing they can customize the shoes. And that is a great plus! Ordered right away this pair and they informed me that it would be ready two to three weeks from now.

But to my surprise, this pair was delivered three days after I deposited my payment. DAS owner told me that she had my pair rushed. Now that is quality service. I am ever thankful for this great pair and also to them for realizing a wish of mine. Can't wait to get more. Here are some pairs I have been eyeing to own as well.

Now you really can't blame me as to why I would want these. Indeed they are just great and oh my! View their entire collection on their Facebook Account today! You would not want to miss it! Have a great week everyone!

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Leopard Steward

It's been a while since I posted a new look. Blame it on the lack of cameraman/woman to take in my photos and work of course. Good thing there are a few friends who would always extend a hand literally in taking my outfit shots. So kodus to my good friends Joy and Tracy for the photos you are about to see.

Speaking of friends, they are indeed treasures. More than your family and your special someone of course, they are the people who will make you sane and insane. I am glad I have made quite a few in the past years. And surely they are keepers. They may not be plenty in terms of numbers but I am certain that in times of need, they are the ones I can turn to for help. It is no wonder that I treasure their friendship more than ever. And thinking about them made me thankful each day since they are real life angels. Indeed life's journey is made easier having those people you call as friends.

Allow me to share a note written by a good friend of mine, Tracy:

"Life is meant to be shared, not just to one person but to everybody. That is why friends exist to take part of our journey.

The road of life is long and winding. The trip even promises us it won’t be just all fun but rather it would be exhausting.

But that’s life. We learn lots of things as we go along with it. We meet and lose people along the way, but we will never be alone that’s a promise it would surely claim."

If you are currently reading this, why not message a friend or two and say how thankful you are for having them. I am pretty sure your dear friend would love the gesture.

Let me go back to the pictures that were taken by my two good friends. This was after the ballot counting of our graduate school election. I really find this ensemble cute and days before these images were taken, my gold bag from Romwe came.

Coast is clear say cheese

Shy-shy pose 'daw'

Top from Cache Cache

Belt from from Cache Cache | Leopard skirt from Romwe

Gold Bag from Romwe

Shoes from Anthology

Should you like this, a little hype would be appreciated!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Giveaway: Beauty Kits with Etallasa

Because of my love for my dear readers of this humble blog of mine, I am bringing one big giveaway today. If you have been an avid giveaway joiner, my giveaways before are focused on a single item or product. But today, it will be an amalgam of many things that my generous sponsors provide. Apart from that, there would be FIVE winners each getting a loot. So hurray!

Before anything else, this beauty kit giveaway is sponsored by Nanny Rose, ELF, Hiruscar, Hodge Podge and DTC Mobile. Do check out my reviews by clicking on the links above.

In order to motivate you to join, allow me to share the great prizes.

The first and second winners will each get:

The loot includes:

Nanny Rose Beauty Essentials (Eco bag, Lip balm, After Wax Salve, Hand and Elbow Salve and Natural Wax)

ELF Cosmetic Bag with Eye shadow, Eye liner and Eye liner brush

Hiruscar bag with its Hiruscar sample

DTC Micro SD

Hodge Podge Treat

The third winner will get:

Hiruscar bag with its Hiruscar sample

DTC Micro SD

Hodge Podge Treat

Finally, the fourth and fifth winners will get: 

Hiruscar bag with its Hiruscar sample

DTC Micro SD

The mechanic is quite lengthy because of the number of sponsors however I guarantee you that it is definitely worth doing. Send in your entries via the Rafflecopter widget below. 
There you have it! Do take note that this giveaway is for Philippine based readers only. As for my international readers, do not fret since there is a giveaway for you as well really soon. Watch out for it. Good luck everyone and keep your entries coming for better chances of winning.

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