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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


A new accessories shop is circulating like wildfire in the realm of the cyberspace. Hence, if you think you cannot get enough of such items, allow me to present a new favorite store by the name of AccessorEIAs.

Owned by Kezia Faith Sindo, AccessorEIAs is one shop that provides fabulous, elegant yet practical fashion accessories allowing yourself to express your vibrant, playful and inspiring personality. Apart from that, you can certainly spice up your wardrobe with their overflowing and unique collection. I am pretty sure there are always room for great accessories, right pretties? And what better way to add such collection but by checking out AccessorEIAs today.

Here are some pieces you might be interested in because for sure I am.

Their collection is just huge and likewise pretty that I want to take it all home. Apart from that the price is just so worth it. Prices range from 100 to 500. You would certainly want to buy all of their items without hesitation and regrets.

And good news pretties! AccessorEIAs is Etallasa's new blog partner. Guess what? They sent a few of their great accessories for me to share. Check out these wonderful items.

Each items include this :) 

Pretty necklace

Catchy ring

Pretty bracelet

Oh~ earrings

Peacock necklace

Everything \o/

You can definitely see from the pictures alone that indeed they are living to their name of providing fabulous and practical pieces that are vibrant and inspiring. 

Considering that the season of giving is drawing near, Etallasa is glad to pair up with AccessorEIAs in providing my great readers all of these accessories that you see in the last picture. That's a total of FOUR accessories all in all.

Hence if you want to be updated on how to win these items, better like AccessorEIAs and Etallasa on Facebook for updates. You surely would not want to miss this.

My Starbucks giveaway is done. Congratulations to Tanya and Sheila for winning. There are still two ongoing giveaways in which you can win a 

Stay tuned for my Wear Mauve giveaway and AccessorEIAs giveaway on December.


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