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Monday, November 21, 2011


I have been craving for So Fab Shoes ever since I saw these in the posts of my favorite bloggers Kryz Uy and Marj Sia. However, the fact that such store is not physically available in Cagayan de Oro saddens me. They have great shoes collection that spans from pumps, wedges, sandals, boots and flats. Much more their items are just so cute and pretty perfect for every ladies needs and desires.

Even if So! Fab shoes are not available here in the city you can actually order their items online. Such convenience truly made them reachable even if they do not have a store here. With that in mind, I did not hesitate to get one the moment I saw this...

And who would not? Look at that one! I haven't seen a pair that have the same structure as that. With such uniqueness I opted to order one however too bad it was no longer available. Insert sad face here.

However, there is still one hope. So! Fab will recreate this pair and it will probably come out again sometime in November. Hence I sent them an email months ago to reserve a pair. Good thing November flew in so fast that their company emailed me that Aaron, the shoe name, is now available. Since I reserved this item months ago, they will give me one huge discount. Instead of getting this one for 1999, they will give it to me for 1499 only. That is 500 pesos off. With that great savings and with this shoe, I did not hesitate more. I immediately placed my payment via their BPI account.

The day finally came when a box was placed on my office desk. I cannot explain my excitement when I saw this package that came from So! Fab.

Note: It is hard to halt your excitement because you just need to take pictures.

Thanks LBC!

Pink cover, so me~

It eases me when I know that my pair is protected this way.

Hurray, new babies.



Hence if you are looking for great shoes at pretty affordable prices, it would be best that you resort to So! Fab. They have wide arrays of shoes that will truly fit your preference and even more your budget. Plus they are constantly in sale too. Visit their site In spite if they do not have a store in here, you could be able to conveniently shop their items with their site and have your pair or pairs delivered right in your doorstep. Oh the power of online shopping. Considering the holidays is near, the best way to pump up your outfit would be one great pair. With that said, So! Fab is indeed one great choice.

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