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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Starbucks Planner 2012

It has been a year since Stabucks Cagayan de Oro opened in the city. In spite of such length of time, we still tend not to grow tired of this little coffee haven that provides more than coffee to us. This has been also a great place to relax, unwind, catch up with friends, connect to the net and what not.

One thing that makes us glued to this coffee shop above others is the notion that this provides new coffee flavors especially at this time of the year. When Christmas is dawning near, you can see some notable changes with Starbucks coffee flavors and their delicious pastries. Aside from that, this also rings for a new planner. I am pretty sure you were one who would horde for stickers and visit Starbucks often just to complete the stickers. I was guilty of that too. For sure when you see their Starbucks Planner 2012, you would definitely do the same. As such let me introduce to you their 2012 planner.

This 9th edition planner will be released on November 3. This comes with five different covers that is made of man made wood. One thing you would surely love about this new planner is their dimension. This is just a mere 7 inches that would be perfect for your bag and easy carrying around. This is also smaller and lighter compared to their previous planners.

There are many things you can duly expect in the event you have the Starbucks Shared Planet Planner. Of course you would get the planner with its pouch made of coffee bean bag, bookmark, strap, inlay pocket, calendar note and great Starbucks coupon that you can use all year round.

To get you started in having this most coveted planner, you can proceed to Starbucks CDO starting November 3 to January 8, 2012 and start collecting those stickers. Today, you have two options to choose from. You can collect 17 stickers from 9 beverages and 8 core beverages or collect 23 stickers from 23 core beverages.

Here are the five Starbucks cover variants:

Credit as tagged: Azrael's Merryland
From left to right: Poplar, Bamboo, Cherry, Spruce, Oak

Credit as tagged: Azrael's Merryland

Aside from these new planners that are up for grabs on November 3, you can also expect new breeds of coffee flavors that you can purchase as well. These are: 

Expect more delish delicacies, new flavored coffees and new planner only in Starbucks. Hence, what are you waiting for? Visit Starbucks Cagayan de Oro in Limketkai Mall to try those flavors and start collecting those stickers tomorrow. 


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