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Saturday, June 30, 2012

July Magazine Covers

Time flew so fast that tomorrow it would be July. And technically, magazine stands would be swamp again with new covers from different publications. So what's brewing this July from your favorite magazine brands? Here are their cover for this month.

Dawn Zulueta for Preview

Grace Lee for Look Magazine

Karylle for Metro

Heart Evangelista for Cosmopolitan

Georgina Wilson for Esquire

ABS-CBN's bankable stars for Yes

Andrew and Emma for OK!

Emma Stone for Candy

So there you have it! I heard these are already out. Add these to your current magazine collection. I know I would be grabbing one or two. You should too~

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Buckles and Chains Should I Complain

Life is indeed one messy concoction of buckles and chains. It is not after all a walk in the park and even more a breeze in the sea. It is something we need to work hard and even to the point of fighting it all out. These buckles and chains would be the ones that will make us still, idle and can pull as down. Relating it to life, these are entities that induces negativity, sadness and idleness. And this is something we must resist.

Looking back at my own sets of buckles and chains I realized that they have honed me as to what I am today. Truth be told, regardless of that negativity and sadness they inflicted, I am a better me because of them. Hence, no room for complaining. In fact I am even thankful.

For the others who have been experiencing such situation, it would be best to step up and navigate your own life. Although people surrounding us can affect us in a bad way, should you know yourself you can be able to find ways to steer clear away from them. Regardless of how many stones they throw at you, you will still emerge graceful. And with that, they would have their respect on you. So for the ladies out there and even the gents, you may have your own chains to drag and buckles to unlock, do not let it pull you down. Draw strength from people who loves you like your family and friends. Do something productive, do what you do best. More importantly, I wish you well on such journey. May this polish you to the gem you are supposed to be.

On a related note, here's what I wore that can relate to buckles and chains on a more literal manner.

Sorry for the hair. The top is a mixture of chains, buckles with flower and greens making it truly ideal to this post. Tops and skirt from Mags Clothing.

Shoes from Anthology and Bag from Forme at 50% OFF

Belt from Forme and Blazer from SM

Wore this ensemble to a wedding of my boyfriend's friend. The theme was green or something like that. It was pretty hard to get such since I don't have one in the first place. Good thing there was this skirt that truly complemented with the top. And what safe way to complete it but inculcating blacks as evident in my shoes and in my bags. The blazer was actually use to cover my legs when I sit. You see, the skirt is kinda short. In times like this, cycling shorts are saviors! Ladies you must really keep one and even more so that when you are wearing such and also your bouncy dresses, at least chances of peek a book would be lessened if not eliminated. 

Should you like my look, a hype would be appreciated!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Giveaway: Koogul with Etallasa

A new giveaway has ended last night. The Popjunklove winner has already been announced after days of counting the entries. Thank you for your patience! In case you missed it, click here to know who won.

It is better to give than to receive. In my opinion, this can be the case if you have more to give. It would be hard on your end to do such a thing if in the first place you have nothing.

Truth be told, I do not have much of the luxury that other bloggers have. In spite of it all, in spite of the sheer nothingness, I am glad that people are generous enough to do it on my behalf. I am talking about the already countless sponsors I have for the past few months who have been giving up the prizes to my lucky blog readers. I am just ever thankful on the amount of trust they have for my humble blog. Just recently, I am already holding international giveaways that I have not imagined it could happen ever. And I am just sharing the good news to you and everyone who reads this.

Alas, this giveaway is duly sponsored by no less than Koogul. Blogged about them already and should you want to refresh how great their items are,it would be best to click this first. Take note, that is only their dress collection in there. They still have skirts, bags, shorts, pants, tops and every fashion item you could think of.

This giveaway is open internationally by the way so for my readers outside the Philippines, you can hop in! Now, the lucky winner of this wonderful giveaway will win one cute handbag plus 15% discount code.

Isn't that lovely! And considering the cute items Koogul have, I am pretty sure that 15% off would be very helpful.

So how can you join? Let Rafflecopter load and it will give you mechanics on how you could earn points and more points.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

By the way,  Koogul has a buyer show activity. In here,  Koogul buyers who would show their  Koogul outfits can get 10 USD cash coupon back, no using amount limit.

Now ain't that lovely! So wait no more, follow the mandatory steps in order to gain more entries that you can do every single day. I shall be announcing the winner on July 8! Best of luck.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Giveaway Winner: Popjunklove with Etallasa

A giveaway has ended days ago! Due to my meticulous self checking and rechecking entries, my apologies if this is long overdue. However, alas here is the time to announce the winner of my already concluded Popjunklove with Etallasa Giveaway.

Before anything else, I would like to thank everyone who tirelessly shared this giveaway and voted for Popjunklove. I cannot imagine the amount of effort you poured in every entry. I really appreciate it. And I am pretty certain  Popjunklove also appreciates it to bits.

Counting is indeed difficult. However with the aid of Excel, summing it up is relatively easy. A trivia though during the counting, two great individuals are battling head on with the total. The winner emerges with only a four point lead. Nonetheless everyone deserves a pat in the back for a job well done.

So the winner who will get 1000 worth of GC's from  Popjunklove is.... drumrolls please....


He accumulated 81 entries! Now that is many. For the rest, thank you so much for joining. I can guarantee that this is not the last giveaway on my blog.

On another note, I am surprised to see international readers dropping in comments with the interest to join my giveaways. Thank you so much. Never knew such humble blog reaches to your shores. And because of that, I have tons of international giveaways lined up. So do check back every now and then right? 

Didn't win this time? Perhaps you might in these giveaways. Best of luck everyone!

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Realization and Instagram June 11 - June 23

For the past few months, I have been blogging almost everyday sharing some new store finds, giveaways, items, outfits, moments of life and even other personal interests I would like to share. Looking back at my posts it made me realize that I indeed share something with my readers however it is narrow and shallow. This is not what my blog aims in the first place. I want to share more than that. Even more, I do not want to simply share words but also meaning and direction. I may tow away from the usual blog that others are known and popular of however I know deep inside that I had invested my time towards creating words that would make sense deeply and hopefully could inspire others in a way or another. As you close the window of your browser, I want to leave you with something perhaps that you can keep and learn. I am still crossing my fingers with this though.

The days had gone again so fast. I cannot believe that this is already the last week of June and we are about to enter the second half of the year. With such I have been questioning myself lately. I am getting old in terms of numbers and yet I know there are many things I would still want to accomplish. However, I just don't know where to start. What is even depressing is that with so many things going on my mind, I can't seem to navigate my ship to where. Yet I know I will get there. In fact I am starting to steer to that. Hoping the wind and the tides would be with me on this one. As such the least I can do is to capture moments and items that I can look back soon enough. Thank God for instagram. Do follow me jurinsthea.

How about you, where is life leading you?

Given two wands made from recycled materials. How creative!

One of my fave food Ana Cubana

Christening giveaway of my new inaanak, Caleb

Bumped into this Android application called Photo Grid.

Feeling sad? Chocolates can do wonders

Nom calamares as always

Mizuno bowl for dinner

Looks like I mostly capture food during the past two weeks eh? Can you even blame me? With the craziness of my life right now, I can only reward myself with it. Truth be told I just love and indeed foods are great rewards after a long day's work.

I do hope the changes would not appall you away from my blog. I can guarantee that it will only get better. So please do accept the changes and I am still hoping that you would still be with me and Etallasa.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Great Belina

If you read the title, perhaps you might be wondering who Belina is. On the other hand, am I referring to a person or not. Is she for real or fantasy? Ok enough of the confusion. Let me introduce to you Belina.

So what is Belina then. Here's a short introduction as to how Belina came to be.

Lifelong Bff’s Katiria Delgado and Evelyn Bernal have channeled their fondness for fashion and obsession with bargains into their very own unique concept in fashion jewelry retail, BELINA.  Forget about hassling through department stores in search of that not-so perfect piece for that not- so perfect price. BELINA introduces our edgy yet sophisticated jewelry collection offering the newest and latest in rings, bangles, necklaces, earrings and more.  Whether your style is bohemian, classic, casual, or business, BELINA is here to accommodate your every day jewelry needs.  Belina’s founders understand hectic schedules firsthand and have designed this boutique to make your shopping effortless in the push of a button!  Discover affordable high quality fashion jewelry in a simpler way.  What are better style tips than the kind passed from girl to girl? When it comes to fashion, BELINA’S goal is to help you always be one step ahead!

Providing a wide array of jewelry collection from earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces, Belina is one jewelry shop you should check out. Not only are their pieces great and timeless but also relatively affordable. In order to get a glimpse of their collection, here are a few of their items.

These are definitely exquisite and divine! Their jewelries are typically made up of Swarovski crystals. Yet as what I stated, prices are definitely affordable. It won't hurt your wallet at all. And did I mention they provide FREE SHIPPING on all orders?

In order to see the rest of their collection and to learn just how much these items are, head to their main site, Shop Belina. You can also connect with them to get updates and related giveaways via Facebook and Twitter. So better add them up because I heard they will be releasing new items next week and a bunch of other updates soon. You would not want to miss it.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Giveaway: Oasap Dress Open Internationally

International brand Oasap is having one big giveaway. As a matter of fact they are giving away 152 items. Can you just imagine that! Such generosity is worth sharing most especially to my dear readers.

Huzzah! I am pretty sure you would like to know just how you can be able to win such. In order for you to get started, click HERE. For your entry kindly follow these simple steps:

1. Click HERE to get started.

2. Sign in your account on Register now to get 20% OFF COUPON.

3. You need to choose a size and then vote, so that we know the size you need if you win. Click on the product image to see size details.

4. One account may have at most 3 entries; that is to say, you can vote a maximum of 3 items.

5. Winner(s) will be selected at random and contacted through the email(s) that used to register account(s) on

For extra entries:

Like Oasap on Facebook

Follow Oasap on Pinterest

Giveaway ends on July 10. So create your Oasap accounts and start voting!

Here are my choices in case you are wondering.


These are indeed lovely. Plus there are even more choices that you can vote. Remember you can have as much as three entries! So do not hesitate, and JOIN right away.

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Giveaway: 7 for all Mankind Party Invite

Everyone loves parties! But if it is one in which you get an exclusive invite for free, now that is something extraordinary. Let me begin by saying that this is one unique giveaway as I am giving this kind for the very first time. I am giving invites to one event you would surely not want to miss out.

I am talking about one event that will be hosted by no less than, 7 For All Mankind.

7 For All Mankind is a California-born premium denim lifestyle brand, capturing effortlessly sophisticated California style through our fashion innovation. It is the worlds original premium denim brand. Through innovation in fabric, fit and wash we create a foundation for individual expression that is effortless and makes people feel sexy and sophisticated 7 days a week.

And now,  7 For All Mankind invites you for a night of pure unadulterated clubbing experience no frills, no program, just you and them enjoying a party together. This invite covers free entrance, free drinks and a fabulous night. This party will run every Friday starting tonight June 22 until August 3 from 10 PM to 1 AM.

This is one party I would love to go but geographically impossible. Hence, I would be sharing this event to my dear readers who are situated up north. I would be giving out 5 invites to 5 readers.

Instructions are relatively easy. No rafflecopter application needed. Simply like Etallasa on Facebook and share THIS PHOTO On your timeline tagging  7 For All Mankind and Etallasa. Make the description catchy as to why you would love to go. Leave your name in the comment section of the picture. It is that easy! This giveaway will run until July 11! Winners will be announced on Facebook and Twitter. Best of luck everyone.

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