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Saturday, November 19, 2011

SM Accessories

Now with the new Macanhan flyover done, going to SM would surely be a breeze for the Kagay-anons. I know we suffered in a way or another for months yet we need not fret since we can zoom away to SM.

In case you did not know, SM is more than just stores, shoes, clothes and bags. We know SM as Shoemart yet this has evolved into the new term as SM Retail. With such tag under its name, it has geared towards providing us the best in fashion.

Being the best in fashion does not only mean tapping the clothes and the shoes section. As such they have divided their business units into smaller ones hence the creation of their very own Accessories Department. No wonder that when we refer to SM today, I guess it would be best that we also equate the word accessories to it today.

As a department, they aim to actually style the market. However, this does not only cover women. This also includes men and kids. So mommies and ladies, you can actually drag your family and your boyfriend to the accessories section and for sure they could be able to find a great item or two there as well. Some of the items you could expect from their collection are bags, ties, eyewears, jewelries, bangles, plush items and so much more.

And just recently, SM showed their very own holiday collection that are great pieces for this yuletide season that in turn you could utilize for parties and gatherings. Here are a few:

I am sure these are pieces will truly make any ensemble of yours great! Hence, drop by SM Cagayan de Oro to check on these stuffs. Make this holiday season more fashionable and more fab with these SM Accessories Holiday Collection.

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