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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Free Spruce

Spruce is definitely one great store to behold. They have notable brands under their belt such as Coexist, Cole Vintage, Havaianas, Stylebreak and so much more. They also have their very own footwear line that are equally great and one of a kind.

Weeks before they announced a little giveaway in which the possible winner could win a great pair of Spruce footwear. Needless to say, I love raffles hence I joined in. I am sure others would not hesitate to do the same.

I'm pretty excited for this one since those shoes are something to covet for. And unexpectedly, one morning I saw this sign: 

That has got to be one post that made my day better and even more lovelier. Lucky~

As soon as I received their email I can't wait for the specified date to get my new shoes. If only I could rush to their store and claim my price right away!

However, their supposed to be giveaway shoes were no longer available for my shoe size. Yet, they were kind enough to let me choose another pair from their exclusive footwear collection. Before that...

The happy me and the kind Spruce lady who helped me.

 The pair that I chose, lovely~


They gave me also this!

Thank you Spruce for not only giving me one great pair but also two! That was so unexpected and so kind of you. Till your next giveaway~

If you have time, head to Spruce Limketkai for they have new products in store for you. I am pretty sure you won't get out of the store empty handed because of their great items. Here are a few snapshots taken from their Spruce Facebook account.

Should you want to be updated, follow Spruce via their Facebook and Twitter account. Enjoy shopping and once again thank you Spruce!


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