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Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Urban Emporium

Ladies surely love shopping! Every now and then we tend to add a shirt or two to our closet given if we have the  money to purchase such. And what better way to shop than to do it online. Online shopping definitely revolutionizes how we purchase today such that we are only a few clicks away from a store located in Manila and in the city. And one local online store ladies can resort into would be The Urban Emporium.

I have seen The Urban Emporium just this year and I have been hooked in their collection ever since. Who wouldn't? They have great clothes selections that span from shirts, polos, skirts, shorts and much more. Aside from that, these are so affordable with prices ranging from 200 - 400. They truly live to their description as being one trend-setter virtual shop with customers not only residing in the city but other parts in the country as well.

The Urban Emporium provides the finest vintage yet trendy pieces you can hardly find. Although that most of these items are pre-loved, they could guarantee that these are nearly new, washed and sanitized. Of course they provide the best products and items any lady could ever purchase.

Few weeks ago, they released their new collections named La Post and Kismet. And lo and behold they have great pieces in store that made me order! Here are my choices.

Right then and there I ordered the pink polo and the skirt! Transaction was a breeze as The Urban Emporium eagerly replied to my inquiries. Much more I need not spend on the shipping fee since I can meet up with them. How utterly convenient!

The day finally arrived when I got the items. Weeeeeeeee~

 Forgive this pic, it was not ironed up yet

Cute yet sexy skirt

The quality of the items are superb and are really so fasyown! Much more, transaction wise surely not a sweat and they are very efficient. 

Good news ladies~

The Urban Emporium has this great surprise giveaway! You can win as much as 500 worth of gift certificate and more. Want to know how? Here's the mechanics. 

1. Like The Urban Emporium's FB page
2. Add the Urban Owner FB account
3. Follow The Urban Emporium's twitter account!/theurbanemp
4. Like Batangas Blend's FB page
5. Make a status about TUE's november giveaway (don't forget to tag the urban emporium's page on your status)
6. Retweet this "Awesome giveaway by #The Urban Emporium!/theurbanemp"

This qualifies you for four (4) entries. For additional entries, you may do any or all of the following:

1. Make a post about the giveaway and the urban emporium in your blog, leave the URL of your post in your email message (+2 entries)
2. Follow via Bloglovin, leave your bloglovin username in your email message (+2 entries)

Send an email on the following details to
1. Full Name
2. Facebook name and URL
3. Twitter Username
4. URL of your FB status about TUE
5. URL of your tweet about TUE and giveaway

Winner: 500 worth of Gift Certificate plus 3 pcs. of accessories
1st Runner up: 30% discount when you purchase TUE clothes
2nd Runner up: 10% discount when you purchase TUE clothes

For immediate orders and inquiries you can contact The Urban Emporium at:

Phone 09334272928 and 09262090816

Remember this giveaway will end on November 19 at 7pm. Do not waste time. Join this giveaway today!


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