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Monday, November 28, 2011

Holiday Giveaway 2: RRKR Stuff with Etallasa

Accessories can definitely make or break your outfit. As such it is wise for every ladies out there to invest on good ones. And guess what, I am about to disclose one great accessory haven that you could opt to order. This is no less than RRKR Stuff.

What makes RRKR Stuff unique is their wide array of connector rings. Such rings are indeed convenient since it can fill two to three fingers. Much more these are crazy noticeable. Having one screams uniqueness, individuality and personality. You can never go wrong with their great rings. Here are some of my personal choices.

Can you imagine wearing these rings along with your ensemble? These are truly eye catching and even more pretty to look at. Hence, should you want to search for great accessories that you can include in your outfit especially that you are bound to attend parties in this yuletide season, it would be best to check out RRKR Stuff today!

Good news ladies, RRKR Stuff is partnering with Etallasa to bring you my second Holiday Giveaway. We tag this as Pink Christmas Giveaway. Excited much? Well hold your horses as I present to you our simple mechanics.

1. First Like our Page Rkkr Stuff: Love for Connector Rings (
2. Then Like Etallasa's Page (
3. Follow Etallasa in Goolge Friend Connect (found at Etallasa's page at the right side
4. And simply Write a Post on your Facebook wall with the following format (Why I should win the Pink Christmas Giveaway by @RKKR STUFF and @Etallasa) about why you should win this giveaway.

This holiday giveaway is open to any individuals residing in the Philippines. We could not care less if you are situated in Aparri or anywhere else.

This giveaway is until December 13, 2011 and will be drawn via

So what is up for grabs? RRKR Stuff and Etallasa is giving away FIVE great accessories.

Two earrings and Three rings.

These are perfect additions for your parties and gatherings. I am pretty sure you could never go wrong with these. Hence, what are you waiting for join this wonderful giveaway today.

My Starbucks Giveaway is already done. Will be announcing the winners tomorrow November 29 so stay tuned. However our Holiday Giveaway 1: Jules Store with Etallasa is still up so do not forget to join.


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