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Monday, October 24, 2011

Kryz and WAGW

Last Saturday I had one rare privilege of seeing and even talking to Kryz Uy, Creative Director of WAGW. In my previous post here, I have been an avid fan of this girl since God knows when. I am a follower of her blog, her twitter and her FB page. So much for being a stalker eh? Her setting foot in the city is an opportunity I cannot let go hence I took the courage to visit WAGW and approach her as she was busy fixing some of the display.

My apologies for stammering being the talkative that I am. I'm just simply overwhelmed with your lovely presence and more so for being so kind to talk with me and agreeing for some pictures. Her sister was also very kind to accommodate me in the counter and told me to accumulate purchases in WAGW in order to get something special when X amount of purchases is done. They also provided me with their new Magazine which showcases their Primal Rock Therapy Collection and their new collection All About Eve.

Kryz also told me that Camille Co, another blogger who I have been following will also visit CDO soon. Will definitely be looking forward to that day.

Thank you Kryz and thank you WAGW!


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