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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Divine Mercy

Weeks ago I had one great opportunity to visit Divine Mercy with my boyfriend and my family. What better way to celebrate a holiday than to do it with the family and visit a place where you have never been and in addition so great and sacred. Albeit this may not compare the holiness of other places but nonetheless this is one good venue to start.

The trip was not that long considering this is only situated an hour away from the city. Trust me you will just enjoy the view while you are at it or perhaps enjoy the company. Before you know it, you are already there. I strongly suggest that you go there by car since the area is far from the main road.

A simple side note to the ladies, as much as possible do not wear tight jeans, leggings, stockings, shorts, mini skirts because you will be given a cloth to wrap it around your waist like this.

Stroll in the park lang ang peg

And here is the great Divine Mercy~

Trust me that statue is huge to the nth level. You can actually go in there however you need to undergo a short seminar first before they will allow you to enter. Cameras and phones are not allowed hence I was not able to capture what is in there. But to give you an idea, it is a little altar perfectly situated at the heart of Christ where you can kneel and pray. However, you need to do it quick since there are other people waiting for their turn as well.

Few snapshots around~

Mother Mary

Waiting for our turn

Look at all these people~

We are somewhere there

Divine Mercy is known for the miraculous dancing sun that is usually seen at dawn and during the shrine's important dates. My brother was privileged enough to see it with the others with his trip back in here. 

My family~

The boyfriend high fives with the Pope himself

Will definitely visit this great place soon. And if you do have the time and the resources to pull this trip, better not think twice. It is worth it!


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