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Friday, October 7, 2011


It has been a constant tradition for my boyfriend and I to eat out during our monthsary. I know this may sound corny for some however we have been doing such since our first month together. And with 31 long months and still going strong it is time for us to break free from the usual dining place that we know of. Instead we ventured into having our usual monthsary dinner somewhere else. And with that said we opted for a dining spot somewhere in Mulburry. We were greeted with options as we enter the door. However for the love of meat we opted for Rosso. We were already hungry back then and the said restaurant is just a few steps away~

I must say that the place is so inviting along with their friendly staffs. They were very prompt in providing us with their long and fairly new menu. While waiting for our food to arrive, a few photo op.

Then our meals finally arrived.

Justin ordered Houston Glazed Ribs while

I ordered this (forgot the name)

And of course, with all other eating venture one would really be keen with the price. Value wise, their dishes are affordable and I must say big. I was not even able to finish my meal. Definitely the best part of the meal was being able to spend it with my special someone.

Hence, if you are looking for a new dining place where you can treat yourself, your loved ones and your family for some sumptuous and hearty meal, Rosso in Mulburry would be one place to head to. 


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