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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Punk -X-Pretty

Are you looking for one great vintage store? Perhaps are you on the lookout for one a great one stop place of things punk and pretty in between? Should that be the case let me introduce you to one perfect venue, this is Punk-X-Pretty.

One amazing thing that makes this store truly unique is that their items are intricately handmade. So can you just imagine the kind of effort the people behind the store is giving in every piece they are making. The other good news is that their items are unbelievably affordable. And the better news is that, they have just the uniquest items that I bet they only carry.

Well I shall not hold you more on the possible items you could possibly get and have from Punk-X-Pretty.

Bohemian Inspired Single Earring

YSL Inspired Gold Arty Ring

Detachable Peaked Collars

Remade Shorts and Jackets

Looking at these items alone will surely make you say WOW! The thought that Punk-X-Pretty made their items in one quantity can guarantee that you will have no duplicates in the market. Hence, it would be best to place your orders as early as today considering the small number of items they are producing and that their pieces are selling like hotcakes in the online market.

You can get in touch with them via the following mode:

Number: 0917-758-4311

With these and more, what are you waiting for! Better visit their store and reserve an item today.

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