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Friday, December 2, 2011


Are you saddened by the fact that you cannot anymore use your dear flip flops? Perhaps have you been abusing it all this time no wonder the straps broke hence making it unusable? Or do you find your sandals boring because  of the strap design that you need to bear until you decide to throw it out or replace it?

Instead of contributing to environmental pollution by throwing your rubber flip flops or perhaps wasting your money in order to buy another pair, what better way to revolutionize and recreate this by making use of interchangeable flip flop or thong straps. Yes you heard that right. And the first in the world that introduces such concept is no less than Sótérias.

Pronounced as Sot-air-ee-as is the world's first interchangeable rubber Flip Flop/Thong strap. Located in Sydney Australia, this has been tagged as the most innovative item any flip flop owners should own and have. Much more Sótérias spans the global market hence wherever you are you could readily order their straps among their pool of varied and wonderful choices.

Does these pictures look familiar?

By Joiemee Taduran

By Jackie Taduran Estopare

Why not resurrect these useless flip flops by introducing Sótérias straps! It is common to break such straps into our soles simply because of varied reason such as poor manufacturing, weak materials and abused. This in turn contributes to massive environmental issue because we tend to toss away our flip flops and sandals since we cannot use it anymore. However with the help of Sótérias this situation would only be so yesterday. 

They currently have a variety of great straps that you could insert and enjoy with your dear soles. They have metallic, glow in the dark, Philippines and Australia ones. Here are some of it.

There are still straps you can duly choose and match with your old flip flops. The good thing about buying a pair is that you not only save your soles, you also save the planet and even more save other people. Sótérias in fact gives 5% of their net sales for Project Future whose mission is to “Raise awareness, engage a generation and end sex trafficking”. As a consumer, this surely is a big plus considering that the money I spent with these straps could go a long way in helping others. That's hitting three birds with one stone right?

I am pretty sure you are interested in buying these already for yourself. However hold your horses for a while because Sótérias has great news for everyone.
Yes they provide free shipping worldwide. However this is only for a limited time hence you get to check out right now. To view the strap prices visit Sótérias Store at You can also get immediate updates via their Facebook page here.

It is not late to save your soles. Use Sótérias straps today!


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