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Thursday, December 22, 2011

True Christmas

I saw a post from a friend that this particular reporter states that Christmas is barely felt in Cagayan de Oro because of what transpired over the weekend. True enough many horrible things happened of which I know you are already aware of. However, with the endless supply of help, charity, sympathy and aid from people all over the country and the world, isn't this the true meaning of Christmas?

Christmas this year in Cagayan de Oro and the other areas affected by Sendong would have to be the best Christmas that I see in my years of existence. For the past, let me admit it, it was self centered since you are concerned with the gifts you will buy for your friends and family. The food you will prepare for your noche buena. The people you will invite to dine in and the gifts you duly wrap to whom you know who to give.

However this year, it is so different. You tend to give money but you do not know who will receive it. You stacked away your old clothes and give it to someone you barely even know. And the best thing is, you give without expecting a gift in return. More than the item you donated, you give them hope, you give them compassion, you give them love. And that definitely screams Christmas.

Let us Help CDO by bringing Christmas into the Streets.

Should you be interested, here's how you can start:

Of course, the things you can share to them:

Let us take part and share. Let us celebrate Christmas the way it is supposed to be. Let us Help CDO!


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