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Friday, December 16, 2011


She has to be one barbie doll gone to life. With such face and grace and not forgetting the hair, this fashion blogger has one of the loveliest faces in the industry. Not mentioning her current accomplishments at such a young age, all you can say would be "is she for real". She is Patricia Prieto.

I have been a fan of her and her blog just this year (my apologies for that). As a matter of fact, her links are already in my bookmark page making it truly accessible for me to click on and read. Patricia is one fashionista that I can say I want to to be one someday. Her styles are so simple yet so chic and more so flattering. She does not over accessorize  yet her pieces are complementing to the point of being perfect.

Etallasa is proud to feature this lovely barbie doll. Get to know Patricia more as she answers our most coveted ten questions. You can surely get tidbits of information as to who she is and knowing her more would be a breeze. Thank you Patricia!

1. What do you do?

- I'm a personal style blogger, the stylist of Julia Montes, a student at SoFA (School of Fashion and the Arts), an assistant designer to Rhett Eala, a part time model and maybe even a future fashion designer. PHEW!

2. Describe yourself in three words.

- Okay I'm not good at this but here goes! Shy.

3. What is one thing you can't live without today?

- Maybe it would have to be my phone, for some odd reason I feel so helpless without it! HAHA!

4. What do you value most in your life right now?

- My family. Always and forever!

5. What do you see as your greatest achievement?

- I don't have any specific favorites because I believe that all my achievements are very important and special to me, no matter how big or small.

6. What is the greatest regret of your life so far?

- There are a few, but I'm not really that comfortable to talk about it. I hope you understand.

7. What are the things you would still want to achieve?

- I would love to make a name for myself in the fashion industry, both locally and internationally -- ONE DAY!

8. What makes you different?

- Wow, now this is a hard one! Maybe my new hair do? Hahahahaha!

9. How do you see yourself five years from now?

-  Well, maybe I'll be a popular stylist or maybe (hopefully) working in London, be the next Kate Middleton and maybe even own my own clothing line!

10. What advice can you give to yourself and to others?

- Be confident but not too confident, be yourself, be unique. Don't let what people say dictate who you are, cause it's how you and those that matter to you see yourself that matters the most!

For this lady, being the next Kate Middleton is surely not far from reality. If you get to see her styles, she closely resembles the lady Middleton. Plus having her own clothing line surely is not a far-fetched dream. For that, I look up to Patricia more because she is more than a barbie doll. She is one great role model for everyone.

Get to know her more via these links:

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