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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Missy Bon Bon's New Pastry

Our favorite gelato and pastry store Missy Bon Bon came up with something new. Want to make a wild guess? No this is not a new gelato flavor. Nor this is a new breakfast meal. Many likes to eat this. OK enough of the charade. It is Missy Bon Bon's Pastel.

The box that contains the delicious pastels. It definitely is a pasalubong box!

Hurray~ Looks yummy isn't it?

Close up Pastel~

I am not a food critic nor I am a food expert. However, do take my word for it. On the other hand, you can always visit Missy Bon Bon to try it for yourself and check if it's true.

If you are a fan of pastels then this is something for you! Missy Bon Bon's pastel may just be the same with other pastels in the city and the country. It still contains the bun and the yummy custard filling. However what makes this different is the taste of the filling. What I personally like about it is that it is not too sweet that makes you fed up after eating two buns. Much more it has that unique cheesy taste that melts in your mouth. I am definitely craving for some as I am writing this. 

For a price of 70 pesos, you can bring home this delicious treat that I am sure your family would enjoy. With that said, head to Missy Bon Bon right away. Thank you to the management for this great treat last Saturday.


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