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Friday, December 30, 2011


Her blog is a breath of fresh air. Her personality is larger than life. And by far, one of the most accomplished lady I know in the world of blogging by putting it up from the ground up. She is no less than the pretty and the classy Vern Enciso.

I must say I have been an avid follower of her blog for months already. Little did I know that she already setup her blog a year ago. Where was I all this time? There are many things you can absolutely love about Vern. For one, her blog is not only dedicated to fashion and events. She shares her life be it personal or not in this outlet. Only a few bloggers tend to do that nowadays. Secondly, her fashion style screams sexy yet classy. There is something about her that makes every ensemble truly Vern-ish. It is no wonder that she has been chosen by various product brands to represent them. Her style is never boring and even more overboard.

Another thing to love about Vern is her great personality. In spite of her current status in the blogging world, she has to be one of the most approachable blogger I know. I bet many others can attest to her kindness. And we are glad to feature this great lady as she answers Etallasa's 10. To Vern, my gratitude!

1. What do you do?

I’m a full time European studies student and a part time fashion blogger J

2. Describe yourself in three words.

Can I give 4? :P More than your average  J  haha

 3. What is one thing you can't live without today?

Something material would be my laptop! I can’t live without it now because its always been a part of my day to blog, check emails, messages, etc  J  My course also requires me to do a lot of papers and I don’t have time to write it by hand now! :P my laptop makes things easier for me J

4. What do you value most in your life right now?

My family, friends and boyfriend  J  I would've said my blog because it has given me so much but without them, I wouldn’t be as successful (in my own way) as I am now J

5. What do you see as your greatest achievement?

I was never really an achiever in school or with sports so finding my own forte-which is blogging and dressing up, without anyone’s help is far by my greatest achievement.

6. What is the greatest regret of your life so far?

Not developing good study habits. I’ve always been the average student and I’ve always wondered how my life will be if I were to get awards and 96-100%s in school :P

7. What are the things you would still want to achieve?

A lot of course. I’m just 18! I believe that my blog is just a stepping stone to what I’ll really be doing in the future. I also plan to try, emphasis on the word try, law after college. I would want a career that would make me provide my own needs and wants and of course my future family’s. A family in the future would be nice too! But that’s going too far in the future :P With blogging though, I still have A LOT trust me. I’m one to dream a lot and I’m glad that I’m finally doing something about those dreams J

8. What makes you different?

I share some parts of my daily life on my blog and this kinda makes it a style storybook instead of just a fashion blog. Girls and halfgirls always love a good story (that’s why teleseyres and sitcoms are made everywhere and will always be a hit) and I believe that’s what makes my blog different from the others J

9. How do you see yourself five years from now?

I’d be… 23 years old… so I’ll be living on my own, working for a big brand as either their brand manager or their head marketing, still close to my family and friends and traveling my heart out J OR if my heart and mind actually does pursue law, I’d be inside a coffee shop or a library in a nice dress and heels studying for the bar exam :P haha

10. What advice can you give to yourself and to others?

Be yourself and never be afraid to try new things everyday no matter how small they are try new colors, new height of heels, smile at a stranger, actually study for a test, cut class, anything! As long as its something new, it will keep your life interesting and you’ll be happier that way J A routine’s boring and boring’s bad :P

For a lady of this caliber, achieving such dreams would be relatively easy-peasy. There is no doubt that she will be more than she is in the near future. I personally would love to see her as a brand manager though.

Get to know the pretty Vern Enciso through the following:



lorna puno said...

ganda naman miss vern before i saw a pic of her in twitter profile pic kahawig niya dun si heart evangelista gorgeous looking nice outfits :)

RheA said...

true she is indeed so pretty :) thank you for the comment

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