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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tipok CDO

I SO love forums. Every now and then I tend to join myself in especially to interesting ones or forums that I can relate to. Instances of such are anime related forums and technology based ones. Of course I am also drawn with community based forums wherein such caters to locales and more importantly welcomes the ones situated in Cagayan de Oro. There is no denying that such can indeed expand your connections and even increase your friends list as well. A neophyte of such forum that I am currently a member in is Tipok CDO.

Tipok CDO is a new community forum that caters to individuals currently residing in Cagayan de Oro, other individuals who are from the said city however not physically located within and definitely others who would just want to know anything and everything about CDO. This was just released days ago and I must say it has all the right key points in gathering fellow Kagay-anons here. You can share stuffs that involves everything about Cagayan de Oro such as the latest news and happenings around the city. There's also a niche for movie and music lovers. And of course you can also share some hobbies and basically anything under the sun.

What is even great with this new online community is that it also caters to buying, selling and classifieds. Hence should you be a business owner in CDO and you would want to expand your specialized market and get your product known,  Tipok CDO would be the best choice there is. Or if you have items you would want to conveniently sell, then by all means the said forum can do just that. You can even post jobs and other related classifieds.

Today is the right day for you to join Tipok CDO. Do not be left out on CDO related news, happenings and being a part of the newest tambayan in the city. Work those mouse and keyboard to register now!

Wear Mauve giveaway is ending in two days! Hence submit your entries today. I still have other ongoing giveaways hence do not dare to miss it.


Deepublisher said...


RheA said...

Thank you Dee, hoping you could join :)

Nax said...

maybe you could also visit our community and tell us what you think? :)

RheA said...

Nice forums Nax. Would love to be a part of it :)

Nax said...

That would be awesome! :)

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