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Saturday, December 24, 2011

My Grown Up Christmas List

Hours more and it would be Christmas. I am pretty certain that you are already preparing your presents, your Noche Buena treats and more so yourself as we celebrate Christ's birth to this world.

True enough this is one festive season that we have been anticipating all year round. It is something we look forward as well. I too am pretty excited for the holidays and have been preparing my gears since late September. However with the tragedy that struck my beloved city exactly a week ago, there are questions that lingered into my head that torn my heart into pieces. How would these victims celebrate their Christmas Eve? Will they have food to prepare? Will they have gifts to share among them? Or will they even celebrate Christmas this year?

I have been preparing my Christmas wishlist this year to share with you my dear readers. However, let me alter it altogether and present my grown up Christmas list. This post would be something so personal as this is as well my 100th post in my blog.

Christmas List 1: Shelter

I wish more than ever that the typhoon victims be given a new home away from the wrath of the river. They be provided a stable structure that not even winds and rains could topple. A house they could shelter themselves, their families and what remained. A house that they could call soon their home.

Christmas List 2: Livelihood

In order to get their feet back, it would be best that they be provided with work and even a small livelihood that could aid them in their fresh start. There are of course many families who have lost their work because of what happened. No matter how small that would be, so long as they can gain income from it, it would surely be a great help.

Christmas List 3: Peace

I know world peace is huge and even hard to attain however I am not referring to that peace. I am precisely talking about peace on the side of the victims most especially to those who have lost their loved ones. May they be able to recover from the trauma. May they be able to find such inner peace. It may be hard I know however I am positive that in the long run, they could be able to find their way back. I hope that they have a blessed Christmas with their families and happiness in their time of need.

Christmas is just around the corner. Let this be a light that could bring hope and happiness to everyone most especially the ones who need it the most. Use this holiday to share and to give. What more, use this day as an instrument of Christ. You will soon realize that indeed it is Christmas.


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