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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Help CDO

Yesterday, Cagayan de Oro and its nearby provinces was hit with typhoon Sendong. With strong rains and winds under its belt it was really terrifying. We Kagay anons in the first place anticipate such since there were already news circulating that we would be under Signal #2. However what we did not expect would be the other trails of the typhoons that are brewing as we were sleeping in our humble abode. At 2:00 am, flashfloods rushed into different areas while the water level in the rivers rises drastically. Of course we were caught unprepared.

Many were able to get out of their houses as quickly as they could, however there were some who were unlucky to get out. More than the items that were being dragged by the water's current and their houses, there were bodies who were also taken along. Bodies of men, women and children.

Photo credit to Terence Maceren

Photo credit to Atoy A Martinez

Photo credit to Erwin Mascarinas,

Photo credit to Erwin Mascarinas,

As the sun broke into the horizon welcoming a new day, it also welcomes a horrifying scene of houses destroyed and more so of bodies that are covered in mud. According to Interaksyon, there are already 180 people dead with over 400 individuals missing not only in Cagayan de Oro but also in Iligan. Bodies were brought to various funeral homes and rising by the minute. To make this worst, the city has no electricity and water.

My parents and I were busy contacting our friends and relatives if they were alright. Some assured us they are while others we can't seem to contact. We have heard that some houses of are friends were gone, friends who are staying on top of their roofs and some were stranded somewhere.

Good thing, that the government and other individuals quickly established their centers for relief goods operation and other possible aid. With that said, if you are in Cagayan, do not hesitate to give in. Xavier University is open for donations.

DSWD in Cdo 09066150095 is open for volunteers in relief operations. Should you want to contact your loved ones Philcom Office in Carmen offers SMART Libreng Tawag, Internet and Cellphone Charging.

Credit to TheJake Reyes

Be it if you are from Cagayan de Oro, a relative or a friend of a Kagay-anon, a Filipino, or someone who cares, do not hesitate to help in any way you can. Please pray for the people who were affected or who have lost their loved ones. Let us realize the spirit of the holidays by helping. Cagayan de Oro needs you. We need you.


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