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Friday, December 23, 2011


Sendong's wrath is definitely the most traumatic one experienced by Kagay-anons and our neighboring cities and provinces. The aftermath is so devastating and you can't help but to cry and be saddened by the fact that such killed thousands. In spite of it all, there are hearts that were fired up to help and give in every possible way they can.

Imagine different people from all walks of life gathering around to provide every possible needs of Sendong victims coming from Cagayan de Oro, from the Philippines and even worldwide. Such aid truly warms my fragile heart knowing that CDO, Iligan and other affected areas are loved by everyone to the point that they are pulling out their parties and convert the money to help these victims. Aside from that there are also other individuals who would be willing to risk their lives so as to find those missing ones and retrieve lost loved ones. More than that, there are heroes that on the night of the typhoon, opened their houses to shelter their neighbors, drenched themselves in the cold rain to save others to the extent of losing their lives in return.

Thus, today Etallasa is proud to feature some unsung heroes who aided and helped in the best way they can to the victims of the typhoon. If you've extended yours be it monetary or in kind I am sure God will return such blessings to you and your family. And this post is yours as well. You are a hero to us all and we can't thank you enough for such kindness and generosity.

I am sure there are still many heroes out there who helped the typhoon victims. Our salute and our thanks to everyone who passionately gives their time, their money, their clothes and their presence to be of help. 

CDO and other provinces are still needing your aid. Be of service and know how by clicking Help CDO: How and More.


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