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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Thank You 2011

We are closing yet another year and about to welcome a new one. As I look back my 2011, it was indeed a great year for me. I do not know the things I have done to deserve such however I am forever grateful of the many positive things that the year has given me along with the wonderful people who will be forever part of it. As such, let me end my year by saying thanks to them. Thank you for making my 2011 great. Thank you for making my year memorable. Thank you for letting me reach my dreams this year. I am forever grateful and my endless gratitude.

Thank you for the support, the guidance and the unconditional love you have given me in my 25 years of existence. Most importantly thank you for being with me.

He has been with me for almost three years and I am thankful for every waking day knowing that someone as great as he is loves me. Thank you for the love and the companionship. 

My apologies I do not have a picture of all my officemates, I do hope this will suffice for now. They were my mentors in college and now we are in the same office, how great is that! Thank you for the knowledge and the guidance they have shared with me all this time. It made me a better teacher and it made me love and appreciate the teaching profession.

Friends will always be there however great friends are rare. And they are some of the many great ones I have all this time. Thank you for the company, the laughter and the stories.

More than the games that we shared online, it is the friendship that I treasure the most that I know I can rely on.

MBA Family and Friends
More than being defense partners and groupmates, you have been instruments in making my MBA years truly worthwhile and fun. I could not ask for better ones because you made my journey definitely one for the books.

Kili Elites
Thank you for being friends outside the realm of Trivia Night. I didn't know just how amazing and intelligent these people are.

Teaching is made more fulfilling with great students around. Thank you for teaching me. Your influence definitely made a mark.

Those are not my real bosses yet I do not know what their faces are since they are situated overseas. Thank you for the opportunity of being your employee and for keeping me all these years. I do have my bosses here which is our college dean of course and my Business Week editor. Thank you for the trust.

My Blogger Inspiration
They are the fabulous people I followed for months already and the reasons as well why I blog. Allow me to insert names as well whose pictures are not included above. This includes Lissa Kahayon and Vern Enciso.

For less than two months, I am surprised with the kind of trust that varied and great store owners have showered in my humble blog. Allow me to thank you from the bottom of my heart. IWearSin, Club Couture,   Fine Living, Fine Kagaku, Accessoreias, Mauve, Vantan Manila, N. T Shop, Jules Store, RKKR Stuff, Punk X Pretty, Obsession Without Limits, Yen's Butingthings, Beatus Amore, Simplizity Clothing, StyleCandy, Impulse Co, Paradise Treats, SugarKissed, Pinkest Blue, BeckyVintage Dress, Sapatos and Dress Diaries

We shall be starting 2012 full of giveaways from the other sponsors above. So watch out for it.

You are the fuel that inspired me to write blogs every single day. You are the fire that warmed me to pursue this. And even more you are the reason why I will continue Etallasa for the next years to come. With that said, thank you for the love and the support. 

For old friends and new friends, personal friends and online friends, near friends and far friends, thank you for being one. Your presence made this year super special. And you made my life better than the usual.

To all of you, Happy Happy New Year! Let us make 2012 our year. May you still be with me not only in 2011 but in the more years to come. 

Thank you so much from,


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