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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I have been wanting to get corsets and corset dresses for so long. Too bad, I only find a handful in Cagayan de Oro stores and they are not the ones I would like to purchase as well.

With such desire, I yearned to find such online. Facebook has been a good tool in providing me with great stores that could be able to provide me with such. Yet, in spite of it I would like to get such fashion finds that are nonetheless affordable and cost effective. Good thing I find PrettyLady Exclusives.

For quite some time I have been following their albums and their posts about corsets and corset dresses. To my delight, they offer the ones that I like which are by far cheaper than the ones in stores. Since I can't resist their pool of great clothes, I finally found the courage to purchase.

My purchases:

Hence, if you would want to add your closet such essentials, it would be best to resort to PrettyLady Exclusives. Such truly bears the name of the owner, since these are indeed pretty perfect for the ladies. With that said, do not hesitate to drop your orders today.


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