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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Like These!

Each one of us would like to help and even change the world. We want to be superheroes, have special powers, bring world peace and even more. However, with our human limitation and scarcity, such is truly impossible. However, you need not fret. Because in your own little ways you can be a hero. With a simple click of a mouse, you can help others. And with a little like in Facebook who knows? You might even change the world.

Support Earth Travel Journals by voting for them in the "I Am a Changemaker Most Popular Video Competition". For those who don't want to search they are the 19th among the 20 others. In order to persuade you to vote for them, here are a few facts:

By choosing EARTH Travel Journals you help protect the forest, home of 1,196 endemic species and stop the rapid deforestation in the Philippines. ETJ are treefree paper. It is made of a mixture of grass, fruit peelings and abaca fiber ethically sourced from Higaonon and small-scale farming women. Such value-adding results to economic activities that may help lessen rebel insurgencies in the area.

By choosing EARTH Travel Journals, you help the 4,677,305 Filipino families who live on less than USD2 a day, come out of dire poverty. ETJ focuses on wealth creation for indigenous, small-scale women farmers and urban poor women. Women and their families will be able to have a chance to enjoy life, from participating in ETJ chain as entrepreneurs and producers.

By choosing EARTH Travel Journals, Filipino children in underserved public schools will have high quality education through its Learning for All fund raising project. ETJ believes that education is the key to eliminate poverty. It will dedicate every Php5 earned from each travel journal to fund for language instructional materials for rural pre-schools in the Philippines. With that, our Filipino children will be fully equipped and become learners all throughout life and not just inside the school walls.

With Earth Travel Journals, you can have this very nice notebook, help save the forest, provide livelihood, help others and be a catalyst for change. Geez, you will surely be more than a superhero with this! Be one by voting for them here.

Support by voting DVSkwela-Xavier University as an entry to the Colgate Fresh U Project. DVSkwela is geared towards helping street children in Divisoria by providing free tutorials and meals. As a teacher myself this is something very close to my heart. Hence, if you have a heart as well support this cause by voting for it here.

Your vote can help them win as much as 50,000 which in turn could aid in financing their noble project and provide more supplies for their teaching.

With these great projects, the least we can do would be to like and vote for them. Rather than waste our time on the Internet doing nothing, a mere one minute could change someone's life and the world in general. What are you waiting for? Be a little hero today.


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