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Thursday, October 13, 2011


I have been wearing flats for the longest time. Whenever I own one, I tend to abuse such simply because of the kind of comfort it brings to my feet. And for ladies out there, owning one is a staple in one's shoe rack. I have been on a quest to find the perfect pair of flats as soon as the last one retired with signs of damage and cuts. Good thing I came across with Anthology.

The very first pair I got was the embossed classic in brown. I bought this pair from Spruce Limketkai.

Trust me this is the sturdiest flats I own simply because it is stitched rather than glued. I wear this almost everyday regardless of event simply because it is comfortable and more so fashionable. Too bad this retired as well because of oh well abuse again.

Then I found out you could order Anthology shoes online. I am absolutely hooked with Berlin the moment I laid eyes on it.

Too bad Spruce did not carry such hence the best thing a girl can do would be to order online. Aside from the convenience, they provide also free shipping nationwide and this pair was on sale. How fab is that! Plus they accept Paypal~

They would also be dropping a new breed of shoes that I am sure you would be dreaming about. Look at this one.

Thank you so much Anthology for one convenient shopping experience. I am so in love with my Berlin right now.


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