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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Annebisyosa in CDO

I am definitely a fan of Anne Curtis. Who wouldn't? With her beauty, sexy body, drama prowess, hosting skills and more, there is definitely something to like and love about her. So when I heard that she will be having her Annebisyosa: No Other Concert in CDO I know I have to watch it.

Good thing a good friend of mine offered me super VIP tickets which I did not hesitate to grab. I love VIP seats during concerts regardless of the price tag. And also depending on the ones performing. Another good thing is that I won in Primadonna's Concert Tickets too in which my favorite shoe brand gave me two silver tickets which in turn I gave to my mom and my brother. Lucky lucky lucky!

So allow me to spam you all with some snapshots I took from my super duper VIP seat. I was this close to the stage. And being the trigger happy that I am, I accumulated over 600 photos on that concert alone. And my oh my, I can't believe that Anne can sing! Not that well but hey at least she can.

Disclaimer: Photos and more photos! You have been warned.

My VIP tablemates! We got a shirt too~

Happy me! Or should I say excited me.

Still alive? I know it is a pretty photo heavy post but hey at least you got to see the concert even with these pictures. The Annebisyosa Concert was a blast. I did not regret the money I spent with it. Look just how close I was. You will really know that Anne did put all her efforts. Even when she was paos that day, she did sing and made birit all the way. Sounds conyo I know. Anne emphasizes in her concert that dreams can come true. And look what she have realized. She is indeed an inspiration. If you do have a chance to watch this concert, I strongly suggest that you grab it.

Will blog tomorrow about my meet and greet with her. Can you believe that? I got to hug and kiss her. Natomboy ako bigla. Do watch out for it!

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