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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My ZALORA Wishlist


A few weeks back I encountered this store
With so many things and items galore
I cannot hold my excitement and say "WAAAAA"
To have found one great store by the name of Zalora.

Such an online store is truly a must see
Most especially for ladies and shopaholics like me
With a wide array of items in store
You will truly be excited to explore.

As such, I browse and created a wishlist
For some items I cannot just dismiss
Hoping in time to own even just one
And alas I can call myself the lucky one.

My Zalora Wishlist

First on my list is this Ray-Ban Craft
Such beauty and elegance is truly a draft
I need this to protect my eyes from the summer sun
And hit the beach to have that secured fun.

What better way to enjoy this season than by having this shades
That will be an instant fashionable aid
Be it at the beach or just a simple stroll
This Ray-Ban craft will make me whole.

Second on my list is an XOXO Satchel Bag
That I can easily and fashionably snag
I need this for my everyday stroll
Be it at the mall and even in school.

With its beauty and undying quality
This is by far a bag I will love dearly
And with its brand and its hue
I can never go wrong with what I pair this to.

Third is from Mel which is their Ice II
Which is a personal fave of mine in this hue
I need this for comfort in my soles
For that no worry walk and stroll.

Mel is known for its great pairs
Style and comfort to one's feet it bears
No wonder many loves this brand
And surely this kind of shoe I demand.

Fourth on my list is this Freeway dress
Since I have a few dress in my closet to access
I need this as an addition to my attire
Considering Freeway is a brand I admire.

As a teacher my fashion is limited
But having this, I am certain it will be added
With its color, length and such effects
This in my profession is but perfect.

This W blouse is the last on my wishlist
But certainly not to be overlooked at least
I need this so bad since I like the fit
And its conservative trend that's ideal for my closet kit.

This I can use everywhere I go
Be it at my work place or to the mall combo
Regardless of the heat within the city
It will still be as breezy and comfy as it can be.

With so many things to look forward in this online store
You will be amazed with the things you can find and explore
It has every bits of the things you need
From fashion to necessities that you can proceed.

Hence sign up today to get a 250 voucher for free
And you will be addicted like having a shopping spree
Or better yet create your own wishlist today
And scribble the items you would want to have someday.


Kyrstynne Angela Vargas said...

This is really really cool! Effort to the max! :)

RheA said...

Hi Krystynne,

Thank you so much for the kind comment. Would love to read yours too :)

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