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Monday, May 28, 2012

Instagram May 20 - May 26

This post was supposed to be posted yesterday however we do not have a net connection since Saturday. Boo to my ISP! I really hate it when that happens.

Oh well, it is Monday it is a must to take in positive vibes. So allow me to share what had transpired over the week via Instagram. By the way if you do have an account, follow me. My username is jurinsthea.

Suelas Flats from AVA

Anthology Flats from AVA

New glasses from Firmoo

Scar treatments from Hiruscar

Eye shadow palettes from RedGirlShop

Gift certificate from SM

From Regatta

Boyfriend fooling around

It was one great week. Not to mention I attended a really nice wedding. A new week has begun! Let us seize and enjoy it in any way we can.

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