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Saturday, May 19, 2012

RedGirlshop Promo

I finally bump into one new makeup haven that goes with the name RedGirlshop. This is one premium online store that specializes in retailing imported beauty and cosmetic brands that are not available locally. Even if it is situated in the country, this also caters to the international market.

Here is a snippet of text in order to know more about the  RedGirlshop .

Apart from retail, the business has wholesale and consignment channels that makes it a complete resource of beauty brands from the United States.

Now, you do not have to wait until your next out-of-the-country trip as we already made exclusive beauty brands conveniently available for you online.

The products that we offer here are all pre-selected based on good product ratings so you can be assured that our picks in our selection are tried, tested, reviewed and are all highly-recommended.
Plus,  RedGirlshop ® assures you that you will have a satisfying shopping experience as our items are carefully sourced to be offered at a very reasonable and competitive price. Our customer service team* is also available during office hours to gladly assist you for queries or questions that you may have.

We accept payments through Paypal and major credit cards. If you prefer other payment options(Gcash and bank transfers), kindly contact us so that we can facilitate it for you.

And great news everyone,  RedGirlshop currently has an ongoing promo. They are giving out 500 pesos off of some of their products should they be able to get 500 more likes until Tuesday!

So what are you waiting for? Better tell your friends to like  RedGirlshop and share this good news to everyone. You do not want to miss out on this right?

Visit  RedGirlshop on Facebook for more product information.

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