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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Last May 6, my boyfriend and I celebrated our 38th monthsary together. Counting those time, it made us realize that our relationship lasted this long yet it feels like yesterday when I said my 'yes'. It seems that indeed when you are with the one you love, time is the least of your concern. Since I am being cheesy already, let me now share what we did during that day.

We have many things planned actually. It was also this time when I get to meet and greet the pretty Anne Curtis at Primadonna. Should you miss out all the fun and the pretty pictures, then better read it here first.

We want to try something new that day. So we opted to have a massage. It was the thing we needed since we were sort of stressed out because of work and school. I didn't take photos while the massage was ongoing since it was so dark and even more I wanted to relax.

For dinner, we tried something new again. We decided to check out Agua Seafood Restaurant. Even if this was built more than a year ago, we haven't tried it out simply because it is seafood. My boyfriend is allergic to shrimps and crabs. What bought us in is the tarp outside the restaurant that they have lemon chicken. OK any restaurants with lemon chicken is something worth checking. We just love that dish to bits. Since this post is already full of words, here are some pictures.

Agua Seafood Restaurant

Lovely interior with aquariums

Watermelon Shake

Forgot this one :(

THE Lemon Chicken

Ze rice

It is a great restaurant all in all. Even if it is labeled as seafood restaurant, they still have other dishes suitable for meat lovers. Price wise, it is affordable! Hence, should you want a new place to dine and unwind, I highly recommend Agua Seafood Restaurant.

More than the food and the activities, I guess what made the day special is remembering how we started as a couple. Time indeed flies to fast especially if you are with someone. To Justin, I really really love you. Yes I do (I've been dreaming with you tonight and tomorrow I'll be holding you tight~)

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