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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Retro Loco

The retro fever may have been over and done but the fashion still remains and its influence to us. In fact it was one era filled with great music and dances yet its fashion statements are beyond great and awesome. And here is my current fashion take with this retro dress that I got from Mags.

Saw this dress one evening at their shop and I know I just have to buy it. I have been thinking long whether to add this to my closet. And it boils down to a YES. So I rush in after dinner to buy this piece. Suffice to say, there are still other colors of this print like this one from Romwe.

Yet, I can only buy one during that time. Oh well the dilemma of a typical fashionista! So here are our takes courtesy of the boyfriend.

Isn't the dress lovely? Indeed it is. In order to break the monotony of the print, I added a little belt from Cache Cache. And oh why the blazer? School dress code! This is a sleeveless dress so to say and sleeveless is a big NO to the university. Hence, in order for me to enter, I use this blazer. And the blazer is also from  Mags too.

Here's a close-up of the dress taken at home by my brother.

Finally got my Suelas shoes! I swear they are the most comfortable ones I tried in my entire life. Plus it is red it just fits the whole outfit. A little trivia for everyone. I got this pair plus an Anthology flats for only 200.00. Now don't get me wrong. These babies aren't fake or imitations. Got such from AVA. I accumulated their store credits that I got months ago. Now if you want to seize such opportunity, it would be best to be a part of the AVA community by signing up here.

Do not forget to join in my Romwe giveaway in which you can win TWO sunglasses! This giveaway is open to local and international readers. May the odds be ever in your favor!


Judy Ann Chio said...

ano po binayad nyo pag order ? eh kasi diba dollars ang presyo dun.

RheA said...

Hi Judy,

Yup dollars nga mga items nila. I use paypal to pay for the items.

Pat said...

WOW! i looooove your dress!!may i know where mags is located? :)

RheA said...

Hi Pat,

Mags is located in major malls in the Philippines. May I ask where you from?

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