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Friday, May 11, 2012

Anne Curtis Meet and Greet

Last Sunday I was given one rare chance to meet the one and only Anne Curtis. This is made possible by no less than Primadonna! Five lucky individuals were given this opportunity. How? We simply sent our photo wearing Primadonna shoes. And did I mention they also gave us two silver tickets for Annebisyosa: No Other Concert?

The lucky winners also get to bring another individual in the said meet and greet. Hence I drag my boyfriend to join me. We were advised to be inside the Primadonna store before 1:00 pm since it will be close once Anne enters in. We have to wait though since Anne will head first to SMART Communications then to  Primadonna. While waiting, we got to talk with the other winners and with the owners of the said shoe brand.

Minutes past two, Anne Curtis arrived! We were really lucky since people outside the store were requesting to get in. It feels like royalty.

Enough of the talk, here are some snapshots taken by  Primadonna's official photographer.

CDO Winners, me being the smallest

The lovely Anne Curtis


Us! Sorry Primadonna, I'm not wearing any of your pairs

Here are my takes during the events. Thank you to my boyfriend for assisting me.

Each winner was given this for Anne Curtis to sign


Daddy Smith!

Us girls and boy

With the owner of Primadonna

Boyfriend and Anne

I don't know what to write here

Signed by Anne Curtis

That event was indeed one for the books. I cannot believe that I was able to chat with her, hug her and kiss her on the cheeks. It's just surreal. Thank you once again  Primadonna for the opportunity! And to Anne Curtis big kisses to you too~

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Jenny said...

Wow so lucky to meet her! I really like Anne, I think she's bubbly and not maarte! Congrats to you sis! I was kinda curious, how much ang range ng shoes sa Primadonna? Haven't checked their outlet pa e. Thanks :)

RheA said...

Indeed she is not maarte. Primadonna shoes are from 400-2000. And they have great promos such as buy one and get the other pair at 50%

Jenny said...

Wow! That's amazing! Really may 400 pesos sila? Going to mall this weekend, sana may Primadonnang outlet yung malls na may sale. Thank you sis for answering my query.!

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