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Monday, May 21, 2012

Kenko Naicha Giveaway Winners

My Kenko Naicha Giveaway has ended last Saturday! And as stated, I will be picking up five winners who will get 100 pesos gift certificates that they can use for the Yakult Series Drinks.

Before announcing, I would like to thank everyone for dropping in your entries. I know some were not able to join because of the location. But you need not worry since there are still other giveaways pretty soon.

So here are the lucky winners of the gift certificates. Drumrolls....

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Congratulations everyone! Please drop in the comment section below as to which Kenko Naicha branch you would be claiming your GC's. They are conveniently located at Robinsons Mall, JR Borja Street and Carmen. Once again congratulations!


iamyssamaunay said...

Yayy! I won but too bad I'm too far from CDO Robinson's Mall. I'm from Manila. :( How's that?

RheA said...


Sorry dear but they don't have a branch in Manila :(

iamyssamaunay said...

Just give my GC to other who joined na lang po.

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