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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day!

There is no denying just how influential our mothers are in our lives. They are not only the ones responsible for giving birth to us but also taking care and loving us. That is why this day, I would like to dedicate a blog post for one great woman in my life. She is no less than my mom.

She is more than a mother to us. She is my friend, my sister, my teacher, my everything. She taught me much in my 26 years of existence. To my mother who sacrificed so much, toiled so much and gave up so much for us, we love you. And we shall continue loving you.


Em said...

happy mothers day to your mom! :))

Jen said...

happy mother's day to your look like your posted picture about mother's day is same as your first picture.graduation!:)

RheA said...

Hi Em and Jen,

Happy Mother's Day to your moms too.

@Jen: what a coincidence and thank you for the sweet words.

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