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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Footzy Shoes

I know I have been posting pictures about heels, wedges and stuffs with regards to shoes. However that will change now since I have found a new haven or should I say heaven. Introducing Footzy Shoes.

Footzy Shoes offers simple soles with outlandish attributes. Their collection is geared towards comfort yet not compromising style at the same time. With their array of shoes, for sure there would be a pair perfect for you! Want some proof? Here are some items from their first and lovely collection.

These pairs are truly perfect for this summer! With its playful colors and outlandish character, your feet will surely be ready whatever adventure that might be.

And hurray, last Monday I received my pair from them. Isn't that pretty? My new baby.

And me wearing it since I am excited!

Wore this pretty sandal yesterday and my boyfriend told me I look like a Spartan. I know I am far enough when compared to Leonidas but would you agree that these sandals are indeed Sparta-ish? Hype away.

Let me know what you think? Would love to know. Check out Footzy Shoes Facebook and Main Site.

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Em said...

love the sandals! :)))

RheA said...

Hi Em,

Love them too~ Get one for yourself :)

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