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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Festive Eve

Writing a blog post about my lookbook outfit is one of my new year's resolution. I do hope I can keep up with it considering that I don't usually take outfit shots plus I am not that fashionable as compared to others. However, let this be an outlet to also review the stores that contributed to my look so that you my dear readers will have an idea or two.

This was the outfit I put up during New Year's Eve. Sorry it was delayed I know but nonetheless better late than never. Filipinos as we are have many traditions with regards to the celebration. I too would want to keep up with it and hey it wouldn't hurt right. So here's my outfit.

Sequined top and Galaxy skirt from Pinkaholic Fashion Shoppe
Tassel necklace from FashionTrends

A little story...

I have been aiming for this galaxy skirt since I saw Stephanie strut this during the Philippine Fashion Week. I immediately place an order to reserve one before the entire collection was released. When the night finally came, Sheila told me that all the galaxy skirts were reserved (insert sad face here). However she was kind enough to send me over her skirt which she was supposed to wear during the holidays. God I feel so guilty for snatching this away. Sorry Ms. Sheila :(

As for the top, it is sequined with tons of circles so I guess I did stick with the New Year's Eve tradition minus the polka dots. Hey at least it's still circles!

Pumps from Primadonna

As for the shoes, just wanted to wear this new pumps of mine from Pimadonna. Good thing the tassel necklace has the same color as this, so no concerns with that.

Ah, finally my first ever fashion blog post has been realized. Let me know what you think? More so let me know your outfit during New Year's Eve.


Daryl Ygnacio said...

Stunning ♥

The Emancifashion of Lai said...

Congrats for your first fashion post!! I'm so in love with your galaxy skirt! lucky you for having one maam rhea!!:)

RheA said...

Thank you Daryl and Lai.

Lai is still pro with this and looks pretty every single photo.

Yapo Nightroad said...

waah want that galaxy skirt too... D:

RheA said...

Awww, maybe they will restock soon

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