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Friday, January 13, 2012


Our Friday feature has been on hiatus for a while but alas here it is again. This time, we are bringing it back with a bang. And our first feature of the year is no less than Anagon herself, Ana Gonzales.

Ana is one blogger unlike no other. I bet most of us girls could relate on her fashion style and more so experiences. I have been lurking for quite some time on her blog and she is indeed one impeccable lady. With so many things under her belt, I really wonder how she manages it all. Or perhaps Ana is just awesome like that.

Ana is more than a fashion blogger. He is also an entrepreneur of sorts with products ranging from clothes to cute accessories. Plus through it all, she still retains that unique smile of hers. No wonder, she has gone far and she will indeed go to places with such. Get to know Ana more as she answers Etallasa's 10.

1. What do you do? 

I graduated with Journalism Major in UST, but currently I make accessories and sell them online for a living:) Via ! :) My blog then is my outlet for my writer-frustrations na di natuloy :)

2. Describe yourself in three words. 

Sensitive, hippie, child of God (oops sumobra sa three words hehe! :))

3. What is one thing you can't live/leave without today?

Hmm, I can't live without my family, I can't leave (house) without my phone! ;P

4. What do you value most in your life right now?

I value the opportunities and blessings for every change that happens in my life. Good or bad change, I know something GOOD will come out of it. God is the best writer, I know He'll make sure there's a happy ending for everyone no matter how hopeless things may seem sometimes. :)

5. What do you see as your greatest achievement?

My "fatal flaw" (borrowing the term from Percy Jackson haha) is that I am the biggest pleaser. I hate hurting people. I guess the greatest achievement for me is making my family and friends proud of me. I know it's a sign of me being a pleaser, but what can I do? It's the best feeling in the world! :)

6. What is the greatest regret of your life so far?

So manyyy, but then, with all the missed opportunities and people I've unintentionally hurt comes many new good things that I guess are more meant for me.

7. What are the things you would still want to achieve?

Write my own book, have my own lifestyle shop, and be a regular volunteer (for a charity group)

8. What makes you different?

Everybody's different in their own ways! :) I love creating things (wearable things!) I guess that makes me different, I am not afraid to just go go goooo, kahit I make mistakes, ok lang at least I learn!

9. How do you see yourself five years from now?

By then 30 na ako (hihi), so I hope I already have a shop, I've traveled the world, and have my family na. ;D Hahaha! As for my future book (hehe), baka starting palang ako nyan, but I hope in 5 years my blog is still flourishing :)

10. What advice can you give to yourself and to others?

To me and to everyone: Keep it real! There's nothing more scary than finding out na hindi pala totoo sayo yung tao. Also, mahirap man to always be conscious of your words or actions BUT try to always be nice and polite to everyone you encounter. Everyone goes through the struggles of living, be that light who will make their day more bearable. :) At the end of the day, let our ultimate goal is to make our Father proud! :)

Indeed Ana is one amazing woman. With her smile and her attitude, such dreams of hers would be definitely easy to achieve. Looking forward to her achievements and even more her great items!

Get to know Ana more via these links:


Anagon =) said...

Thank you so much for this! :)) Natouch ako! :))

RheA said...

Thank you din so much Ms. Ana for giving me your time and for answering these questions.

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