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Thursday, January 26, 2012


Weeks ago, I received an email from Romwe that I won their tights contest. What I did was to simply sign up for their great fashion site which I did months ago and leave my email address in their comment section below the contest details. And huzzah here it is, my email address!

I not only get three free tights from them but also a $20 savings when I purchase any of their items. I discern hard whether to use that amount or just let it pass. However, I cannot stop myself from drooling over their great collection. I have seen great and pretty fashion bloggers who have used  Romwe related items and incorporated it in their fashion. And I cannot miss that kind of opportunity as well. Considering that the $20 will expire on the first week of February, I need not hesitate more. I browse through their dress albums and have my eyes locked on these dresses.

Aren't these lovely? A little story about the second dress. I put this in their shopping cart days ago only to find out that it is sold out a day after. However,  Romwe tweeted that this is back on stock but only produced one small size. I do not know if it is fate or what however I did not hesitate to add this again in my shopping cart and check it out. Minutes after this dress has been sold out. Talk about being lucky or what!

They have new items up for grabs for interested ladies who would want some  Romwe products. As such here are some of my picks.

Romwealso provides shoes, bags, jewelries and the like apart from clothes. Hence it is no wonder that this is indeed one great one shop store. If only I have more money and they can speed up the delivery, I would love to get all of their items immediately.

To add up to your total savings, new members who will register to their site gets an automatic 20% off on their items. Plus they provide free shipping too without minimum order amount. For old and existing members,  Romwe provides their very own Valentine Day Sale wherein they will slash 20% off on your total purchase. Simply key in V-day20%. However this is only valid from February 7 to 9.

Should you want to sign up for Romwe, proceed here. You will never regret this decision ever!


Analyn Alonsagay said...

wow. Loving your dresses. Super Lucky :)

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