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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Romwe Sale

Oh, I can never get enough of Romwe items. And just days ago, I was able to get the tights they sent me over which I will blog about soon. Now I am eagerly waiting for the clothes I order. You should see my post here to see the dresses that I got.

I so loved the comments you sent me over with regards to my Find n Flaunt with Etallasa Giveaway. Please keep them coming so that I know the posts that my readers would love to see and even more address it. Most of the comments informed me that they would love to see affordable stores online. And I must say Romwe is definitely one of them.

Alas, you can be able to save big time today because of their Australia Day Promotion. With this celebration, they are slashing as much as 25% OFF on your purchases. Plus the mere fact that you can have it delivered for FREE is surely one huge deal. Simply enter in the code Australia25%!

Imagine getting these lovely items at 25% off...

You would not want to miss this chance of getting these items and more at 25% OFF. Hence sign up for Romwe and order immediately. Do remember that this offer will end in 2 DAYS. For more information, click HERE.


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