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Monday, January 16, 2012

One Month After Sendong

It has been a month when Sendong hit my city and other cities and provinces as well in Visayas and Mindanao and still we are in the state of recovering. Slowly wounds and pains are healed while there are some I guess who would still take time and even worst would never be.

Few days ago, the SEO Organization Philippines had its relief operation in which my boyfriend and I eagerly participated along with other CDO based SEO practitioners and funds from other SEO specialists all over the country. Our target area is Tibasak in Macasandig where this is one of the most affected area during the said tragedy. In spite if weeks had passed, still the said barangay has not recovered. Plus the destruction of the typhoon is still evident that you as a spectator could wonder how did these people survived. What had happened to them during that time? And where could the others be.

There used to be houses on this ground I am stepping on. Plus the land in here were once mud now hardened and become part of the ground.

These kids were trying to collect whatever they could salvage near the riverbanks in order to sell in shops and get some money from it. These kids were supposed to go to school during that time but they opted to stop and to not continue simply because they no longer have the means to pursue it. Plus they are more concerned on their shelter and their food every single day. I wonder where would this lead them and their possible future. This is truly heartbreaking.

Boyfriend and my new SEO friends

Cagayan de Oro is still recovering from the aftermath of Sendong. There are still bodies missing and dead people who until now have not been identified. There are still people in evacuation centers while there are others in the streets still.

What CDO needs now is your help for rehabilitation purposes. Although lands were donated as settlements for the affected yet still these lands are not yet sufficient for the thousands of families. In spite of the land, it would still not be of used if there are no houses and livelihood built in it. Plus there are still individuals who needs much attention because of the post traumatic syndromes that even our healthcare providers cannot aid. Worst are people committing suicide and getting mad because of the aftermath.

You can still be able to help Cagayan de Oro rebuild lives of the Sendong survivors. Please, if you know how you can aid us, do not hesitate to extend such. We thank you for the countless blessings that my city has received from many individuals in the country and even around the globe. Let us not seize and together aid towards the rising of CDO again.


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